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Orient Tornado Grand CH6002B 60 ltr. Air Cooler White

60 Litres
Motor Speed:
3 Speed Motor
Body Material:
ABS Plastic
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Orient Tornado Grand CH6002B 60 ltr. Air Cooler White
The Convenient Cooler, the Orient Tornado Grand


-Capable of sending in 5100 cubic meters of cool air per hour, the Orient cooler has the ability to cool most mid-sized rooms.

-A throw distance of 17 meters enables the cool air to reach the farthest corners of a fairly large room. 

-With louvers that can spread the air in four directions, this home appliance enables even and uniform cooling of the air all around the cooler.  This feature also brings about even cooling actions, and for longer periods of time.

-Its adjustable three speed motor makes sure that the right amount of cooling power is utilized each time, thereby saving on the total power consumed by the unit. 

-the presence of four castor wheels at each corner of the machine enables the convenient and easy movement of this cooler.  These wheels enable the appliance to be placed right where the maximum cooling is required.

-The auto fill and auto drain feature of the cooler ensures timely filling of clean water and drains the used water without any external interference.

-A fair sized ice chamber ensures longer cooling times between refills of ice, thus making this appliance suitable for office purposes as well.

-Nets that prevent mosquitoes and other insects from getting into the inner cavity makes the room air cooler healthy to use for all indoor applications.

-Capable of being operated on the 230V, 50Hz domestic power supply, this device can be used practically anywhere, thereby ensuring a higher adaptability of the appliance.



-With nearly a meter in height, the room cooler is at times cumbersome to use in areas where people are in a sitting position. The flow of air would be directed directly at them, causing discomfort.



Flaunting a very simple design, with very little moving parts, this Orient air cooler is durable as well as practical. Powerful enough with its 17m throw, and capable of meeting the cooling needs of most mid-sized rooms, this is certainly a convenient appliance to have around during hot summer months! 

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Product Details

The Orient Tornado Grand CH6002B Air Cooler has the ability to store 60 liters of water in its body, thus allowing that much more time between refills.  Its auto fill and auto drain features bring unmatched convenience to all users.  With three adjustable speeds to choose from, it facilitates the setting of air flow requirements to the optimum levels. On this unit, a water level indicator displays the actual level of water in the Orient air cooler, thereby letting users know when a refill is due.  With the ability to pump in 5100 cubic meters of air per hour, this is a serious cooler for tough summer months.  Provision of four castor wheels permits the convenient movement of the unit to desired locations. 

Ice Chamber
Ice Chember with 8kg capacity
Water Level Indicator
60 Litres
Cooling Area
5100 m3/hr
Motor Speed
3 Speed Motor
Body Material
ABS Plastic
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