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Orient Snowbreeze Roto CD3001H Air Cooler

30 Litres
Motor Speed:
3 Speed Control
Body Material:
ABS Plastics
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Orient Snowbreeze Roto CD3001H Air Cooler
Beat the Heat with Orient air cooler


- The 360 degree air deflection of this Orient air cooler allows 4 way cooling in a room without any difficulty.

- The honey comb cooling pads result into a very effective and efficient cooling from the desert cooler.

- The 3 speed motor in this water air cooler allows you to set the speed as per your desire.

- The Mesh in the air cooler is fitted with a mosquito net to keep from mosquitoes as well as dust particles.

- The water level indicator tells you when the water tank is full or empty for your convenience.

- This air cooler is also compatible with inverter to provide you with maximum comfort, even when there is a power cut.


- There is no draining option in the cooler that makes it difficult to drain out excess or used water.

- Also, there is no auto cut for pumps.


Orient air cooler is a decent enough water air cooler to help you face the wrath of the summer. It is affordable, practical and functions well in dealing with the hot summers and with this desert cooler you can even manage your electricity bills at the same time. It is ought to give you relief from this hot and dry weather. Go for this cooler so that you can sleep in peace!
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Product Details

Orient air cooler is a tall desert cooler comes with an air delivery of 1800m3/hr, air throw of 4.6m and a tank capacity of 30 liters with a big ice changer.  This Orient honeycomb cooler boasts of qualities like a 360o of air deflection for 4 way cooling and power requirements only of 150 W. It has 4 castor wheels and a water level indicator.   The water air cooler by Orient is also equipped with mosquito net and is compatible to inverter as well. The dimensions of this desert cooler are 49.0 x 44.5 x 83.5, which makes it compact in size. 

Ice Chamber
Water Level Indicator
30 Litres
Cooling Area
1800 M3/Hr
Motor Speed
3 Speed Control
Body Material
ABS Plastics
Snowbreeze Roto CD3001H
Desert Cooler
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