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Orient Snowbreeze Grand CD6001B Air Cooler

60 Litres
Motor Speed:
3 Speed Motor
Body Material:
ABS Plastic
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Orient Snowbreeze Grand CD6001B Air Cooler
Keep Cool With the Orient Snowbreeze Grand CD6001B Air Cooler


- In addition to having a water tank, the Orient Air Cooler also has an ice chamber to ensure more cool water when the temperature rises.

- A mosquito net is included to keep these pests from getting into the Orient cooler.

- A water level indicator allows the user to see when it's time to refill it.

- The bottom part of the cooler has a series of small support legs to allow this to be moved around a room.

- The white colour on the air cooler blends in well with most rooms.

- The louver supports both horizontal and vertical movements. This allows air to move in a variety of directions.

- A wood wool material is used as the cooling medium to keep the air that moves out of it as chilled as possible.


- This does not come with a remote.

- The room air cooler only works with a twelve-month warranty.

- The controls on the top of the cooler aren't clearly labelled.


The Snowbreeze is an excellent Orient Air Cooler that you can use when getting any room in your home cleaned out. The Orient cooler has a series of simple controls and will provide your home with enough air. This is a quality cooler that will especially be easy to add to any part of your home. You can quickly add water or ice to it to keep it running for hours on end. The room air cooler will certainly be effective for your home's cooling needs.

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Product Details

The Orient Snowbreeze Grand has a 60-liter water tank. It offers a total air throw of about 14 meters. Specifically, it delivers air at about 3000 cubic meters per hour. The Orient Air Cooler operates at 200 watts of power. It uses three speeds and can deflect air in four different directions. The room air cooler is 110cm high and is made to be placed in any corner in a room. The Orient cooler uses a simple series of controls on the top.

Ice Chamber
Water Level Indicator
60 Litres
Cooling Area
5100 M3/hr
Motor Speed
3 Speed Motor
Body Material
ABS Plastic
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