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Nova BBQ-462 2000 W Barbeque Grill

Warranty Period:
1 Year
Power Consumption:
2000 W
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3 Reviews from Zopper Customers
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Nova BBQ-462 2000 W Barbeque Grill
smoke free bbq
its so much more easier using the nova barbeque grill. for non-vegtarians and vegetarians, bas marinate karo, skewers mein lagao aur barbeque karo. koi koyle ka jhanjhat nahin, smoke ka tension nahin. can use it to barbeque indoors also. now you dont need a garden or open space for barbeques. apne kitchen mein hi sab kuch ready . so convenient. carry it and go anywhere, it is so easy . because of nova barbeque grill we have had so many parties at home. i have always been a nova fan, products are hassle free, maintennace free, tension free. food can now be made in a jiffy,
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B-bque is grilling.
A Barbeque grill is totally the new big thing , It just consumes power with a 230v , also gives a good warranty period of year. IT totally cooks up and gives a new touch to the food and snacks, Tikkas are ready to cook it up with.
Go get food grilled.
This Nova Barbeque Grill BBQ-462 has a good capacity . The heat dissipation is also good. The power consumption is 230 v and it gives 1 year of warranty period. Gives a great cooking style.
Product Details
Warranty Period
1 Year
Items in the box
Main Unit
Warming Function Available
Power Consumption
2000 W
Additional Features
Other Feature Set
Base Support for better stability
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