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Nokia X2 Red

Single SIM, GSM
2.2 Inches
Primary Camera:
Yes, 5 Megapixel
82 g
FM Player:
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Nokia X2 Red
awesome mobile set!!!!!....amazing....
The Nokia X2-02 is a sturdy looking phone that has been optimised to deliver a superior music experience. This is a bar-shaped phone that runs on Series 40 operating system that offers you an intuitive user experience. An alphanumeric keypad helps you to key-in instructions with ease. The dual SIM Nokia phone has been devised for use on 2G network with two GSM SIM cards. This phone comes equipped with Nokia's swap support that lets you change the SIM while the phone is switched on. The X2-02 comes fitted with a 2.2 inch LCD transmissive screen that reproduces images and graphics with QVGA resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. This phone comes loaded with a 2 megapixel camera to make you camera ready for the unexpected moments that you don't want to miss out on. Additionally, this camera supports 4x digital zoom to let you take a closer shot of an object in the frame. This camera supports video recording at 10 fps and with a resolution of 176 x 144 pixels. This phone is equipped with CMOS sensor. This mobile phone has bundled all these features within the dimensions of 50 x 113 x 15 mm and it weighs 93 g. Battery and Storage The Nokia X2-02 is powered by a 1020 mAh Li-Ion battery that promises up to 9 hours of talk time and up to 443 hours of standby time. This phone efficiently takes care of your storage related needs with an aptly large memory for storing SMSes and contacts. Additionally, this device offers 10 MB of internal memory for hosting your files and data on the phone itself. The X2-02 has integrated 32 MB of RAM and 64 MB of ROM for an enhanced performance and a reduced response time. However, the memory is expandable up to 32 GB with a microSD card to help you store your favourite audio and video files. Multimedia The Nokia X2-02 claims to be an ideal companion for those who are crazy about music. This phone has bundled a music player that supports MP3, WAV and MIDI format based files. Also, there is a video player that supports MP4, WMV, 3GPP and ASF file formats. This Nokia mobile phone sports a 3.5 mm headphone jack that lets you play music through your headphone or an external speaker. However, if you are interested in listening to your favourite shows on the radio then this phone is just for you with an in-built FM Radio that supports recording of the live shows as well. This Nokia handset comes with pre-loaded games to let you engage in gaming during your leisure time. Connectivity and Features The Nokia X2-02 comes equipped with most of the connectivity features that you would be willing to have in your handset. The GPRS and EDGE enabled X2-02 ensures Internet connectivity at all points of time by using the 2G spectrum present in your vicinity. For a simplified browsing experience, this phone comes loaded with Opera Mini web browser. This Nokia phone supports both Bluetooth and USB to help you send and receive files to and fro from your device. This Nokia phone is MMS enabled to help you send and receive multimedia messages over the network. This Nokia phone comes loaded with apps for Gmail, Hot Mail and Yahoo Mail to help you conveniently access your mailbox. Also, this phone comes with apps for Facebook, Twitter and instant messaging to keep you in touch with your friends and family at all points of time. GENERAL FEATURES In Sales Package: Handset, Battery, Charger, Headset, User Guide Form: Bar SIM: Dual SIM, GSM + GSM (Dual Standby) Touch Screen: No Keypad: Yes, Alphanumeric Call Features: Speed Dialing, Hands Free, Loudspeaker, Call Divert Handset Color: O.Blue DISPLAY Type: LCD Size: 2.2 Inches Resolution: QVGA, 240 x 320 Pixels Colors: 65 K CAMERA Primary Camera: Yes, 2 Megapixel Secondary Camera: No Video Recording: Yes, 176 x 144, 10 fps Zoom: Digital Zoom - 4x Other Camera Features: Self Timer, Auto Focus, Full Screen View Finder, Auto and Manual White Balance DIMENSIONS Size: 50 x 113 x 15 mm Weight: 93 g BATTERY Type: Li-Ion, 1020 mAh Talktime: 9 hrs (2G) Standby Time: 443 hrs (2G) MEMORY AND STORAGE Internal: 10 MB Expandable Memory Slot: microSD, upto 32 GB Memory: 32 MB RAM, 64 MB ROM Hot Swap Suppport: Yes INTERNET & CONNECTIVITY Internet Features: Email, Adobe Flash Lite 3.0 Preinstalled Browser: WAP 2.0, Opera Mini GPRS: Yes, Class 12, 48 kbps Edge: Yes, Class 12 3G: No Wifi: No WAP: Yes, v2 USB connectivity: Yes, micro USB, v2 GPS Support: No Bluetooth: Yes, v2.1, Supported Profiles (DUN, FTP, GAP, GOEP, HFP, HSP, OPP, PAN, PBAP 1.0, SAP, SDAP, SPP 1.0, EDR) Audio Jack: 3.5 mm MULTIMEDIA Music Player: Yes, Supports MP3, WAV, MIDI Video Player: Yes, Supports MP4, WMV, 3GPP, ASF FM: Yes, with Recording Ringtone: MP3 PLATFORM Operating Freq: GSM - 850, 900, 1800, 1900 OS: (Series 40) Java: Yes OTHER FEATURES Call Memory: Yes SMS Memory: Yes Phonebook Memory: Yes Sensors: CMOS Sensor Additional Features: Dedicated Music Key, Alarm Clock, Calculator, Predictive Text Input, Audio Message, MMS Enabled, FM Transmitter, Organizer, Games, Nokia Browser, Nokia Store, Flight Mode, Multiple Graphic Formats, Digital Rights Management, Ovi Mail, Ovi Chat, Converter, Calendar, Sportwatch, Fixed Dialling Number Important Apps: Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Instant Messaging, Gmail, Hot Mail, Yahoo Mail
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Gud product
best product i have ever seenQ1. Convert given expression to polish notation (prefix) & reverse polish notation. (i) A*(B+C)-D/E^(F*G) (^ is exponent symbol) (ii) -A+C*D-E OR NOTF+4 AND 5 Operator priority is NOT 6 AND 5 OR 4 ^ 3 * % / 2 + - 1 Q2. Print stack trace for infix to postfix conversion of following expression 4 + 3 * 10 / 6 +7 – 4/2 +5^3 Q3. Create AVL tree from given string 55 66 77 15 11 33 22 35 25 44 88 99 33 22 55 15 25 35 66 44 77 88 1. a 10 Order m = 4 B-Tree. Delete key 4 Q4. Write steps for insertion into an AVL tree Q5. Calculate the height of BST, B tree & AVL tree Q6. Complete vs. Full BST The tree is a complete binary tree; that is, all levels of the tree, except possibly the last one (deepest) are fully filled, and, if the last level of the tree is not complete, the nodes of that level are filled from left to right. Non-leaf node has 2 or 9 children An almost complete binary tree is a tree in which each node that has a right child also has a left child. Having a left child does not require a node to A full binary tree (sometimes proper binary tree or 2-tree or strictly binary tree) is a tree in which every node other than the leaves has two children. Q7. Define various set operations (Find, Union, Makeset). How tree can be used for representation of Disjoint Set. Tree can be represented as set because we can consider root of the tree as representative element of the set. Q8. DFS vs. BFS graph traversal Q9. AdjMatrix vs. AdjList representation of graph (advantages & disadvantages) Q10. Write an algorithm (to C notation) to calculate total number of leaf & non-leaf nodes in a graph. Q11. Bipartite Graph A graph is bipartite if the nodes can be partitioned into two sets V1 and V2 such that all edges go only between V1 and V2 (no edges go from V1 to V1 or from V2 to V2) Q12. Q13. SPARSE MATRIX sparse … many elements are zero dense … few elements are zero Example Of Sparse Matrices diagonal tridiagonal lower triangular Representation Of Unstructured Sparse Matrices through : Single linear list in row-major order. Scan the nonzero elements of the sparse matrix in row-major order Each nonzero element is represented by a triple (row, column, value) The list of triples may be an array list or a linked list (chain) Q14. A complete graph is a graph where every pair of distinct vertices are adjacent. A complete graph on n vertices is denoted by Kn, for example, figure 6 is the graph K5. Q15. Calculate Chromatic Index In graph theory, an edge coloring of a graph is an assignment of “colors” to the edges of the graph so that no two adjacent edges have the same color. The edge-coloring problem asks whether it is possible to color a given graph using at most n colors. The minimum required number of colors for a graph is called the chromatic index.. Give example??? A graph in which every vertex has the same degree is called a regular graph. If every vertex has degree r then we say the graph is regular of degree r . All null graphs are regular of degree zero. Q16. List various applications of Graph data Structure PERT(Program Evaluation & Review Technique) & CPM(Critical path Method
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Nokia X2
Today in the such changing environment phone is most and necessary requirement of every people.because the in these era every people has shortage of complete their work in offices and home also phone is necessary. so a cost effective and smart phone is requirement of every people.if we talk about the Nokia x2 phone it has good enough to use and also cost effective. when we think to purchase a phone that time we check all the quality of the phone. keypad:- In this phone the keypad is good enough because we have a separate button for each alphabet. so it becomes easy to use when we are typing messages or any other thing which has a lot of written text. call quality:- call quality of the phone is not as much good because there is some time problem of disconnection. cost:- cost is major concern when we like to buy a product because every people want smart or a good quality phone in reasonable price.that is thing that the phone has 3400 Rs prize. which is affordable by each and every people. life time:- life of the phone is good enough. it does not broke for long time. and as we know that Nokia phone has feature of long life time from any other phone. networks:- if we talk about the networks supported by the phone than it only support the GSM and 2G networks.there is no facility to change the network as we find in other phone.some other Nokia phone also has this feature that we change network from 2G to 3G. voice quality:- voice quality is not as good as expected. if we compare it with spice phones they has good voice quality because they loud enough and clear also. portability:- portability we can define as per user convenience.that is how much user feel free to carry the phone. that is weight and size of the product.Nokia X-2 phone has not as much good in size .size is large and weight is also it is not much portable. After that as the new technology is launched in the market there are requirement of smart phone which has more and more feature. Nokia x2 support Bluetooth,internet,games etc. media:- media is the removable devices or peripheral devices which are connected to the phone.but when we connect other devices like memory card there is problem of voice. that is voice is not as much good. camera:- camera pixels is not as much good. that is the quality of photo is photo quality is also not does not support flash quality. now some smart phone has features like text to speech converter in which text is converted in voice for giving the command after that action is performed.suppose that i write that open Google search bar than it can open this site.this feature is not supported by Nokia x2 phone. so at last we say that it is good in term of cost and life time.
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Nokia X2 is one of the Nokia's most successful and popular handset. The popularity of this device is due to the low price(some what around Rs-4700).This phone got a good response after the launch and can be seen in most of the hands around us.Another thing that makes it popular is the camera , which is 5 MP , yes you heard it right it is 5 MP with a flash also . But like everything has some good and bad qualities this device also have some . Now lets have a look , let us start with the good ones as we say good thing's first - 1)The biggest benefit is the 5 MP camera with a flash which gives you the quality of a digital camera. 2)It also have a dual stereo speakers which makes it even louder. 3)It has a 2.2 inch screen which is more than enough for playing games as well as other works. 4)The voice clarity is also good while talking. 5)It is powered by a standard 860 mAH Li-ion battery that serves talk time of 12 hours and standby time of 530 hours. 6)It also comes with a 48 mb internal memory which is very rarely found in Nokia low cost phones. 7)It has a 16 GB expandable memory. 8)The memory card has a hot swappable features , that lets the user switch cards without being turned off. 9)It supports GPRS and EDGE and also have the ability to serve as a data modem. 10)It also has a 3.5 mm port which enables you to connect to your external speakers and then enjoy the blasting music. 11)It is a handy phone because of the light weight. Now lets move on to the bad ones which i like to share for the user to decide whether to buy or not by clearing some doubts- 1)It is not a touch phone. 2)It also not an dual sim phone. 3)It doesn't have 3g to. 4)It doesn't have GPS. 5)It also don't have a Wifi. 6)It has an alphanumeric keypad which makes it difficult to type text messages, so if you are an sms addicted person this phone is no use for you look for some qwerty one's. 7)It has Nokia's old operating system i.e the S-40 . Still confused whether to buy or not ? Let me help you if you are a basic user , that is if you use only the basic features of a mobile like calling,capturing photo's,listening to music,playing games this phone is is for you don't think anymore because at this price there are no phones available in the market,but if you are an software lover who loves installing new apps ,this phone is not for you as it has S-40 OS.But if anyone tkes my advice i wil suggest him/her to buy this phone for his extraordinary features like camer and speaker which you will not find in any of the phones at this price of any brand.
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Product Details
Handset, Battery, Charger, Headset, User Manual
Single SIM, GSM
Touch Screen
Call Related Features
Conference Call, Speed Dialing, Hands Free, Loudspeaker, Call Timer, Call Divert
2.2 Inches
QVGA, 320 x 240 Pixels
260 K
Primary Camera
Yes, 5 Megapixel
Secondary Camera
47 x 111 x 13.3 mm
82 g
Li-Ion, 860 mAh
13 hrs (2G)
Standby Time
540 hrs (2G)
48 MB
Memory Card
microSD, upto 16 GB
Internet Features
Email, Adobe Flash Lite 3.0
Preinstalled Browser
Opera Mini, WAP 2.0
USB connectivity
Yes, micro USB, v2
Yes, v2.1
Audio Jack
3.5 mm
Music Player
Yes, Supports MP3, eAAC+
Video Player
Yes, Supports MPEG4, H.263, H.264, 3GP
FM Player
MP3, 64 Polyphonic
Call Memory
SMS Memory
More Features
MMS, Calendar, To-do List, Notes, Voice Recorder, Calculator, World Clock, Size Converter, Stop Watch, Countdown Timer, Audio Messaging, Flash Messaging, Unified MMS/SMS Editor, Nokia Xpress Audio Messaging, Dual Stereo Speakers, Video Streaming, Equalise
Warranty Period
1 year manufacturer warranty for Phone and 6 months warranty for in the box accessories
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