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Multi Chopper Vegetable Cutter Fruit Slicer Peeler - Nicer Dicer Plus

Blade Material:
Stainless steel
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Multi Chopper Vegetable Cutter Fruit Slicer Peeler - Nicer Dicer Plus
Cooking Time Made Simple with Nicer Dicer Plus

- This multi chopper comes with a number of attachments, which makes it a perfect choice for all cooking preps. Whether you want to peel, dice, grate, shred, chop or zest vegetables and fruits, this chopper is perfect for all these tasks. 

- The stainless steel blades of this gadget are of extremely high quality and can stand the test of time, thus making this product durable. 

- You can use this vegetable chopper to cut vegetables in 11 different ways, thanks to the blades of different lengths and sizes. 

- A partial coverage for the blades ensures better safety when storing them. 

- With a capacity of 1500 ml, the receiving container can hold lots of vegetables. This means you can chop and grate at one go without having to care about emptying the container time and again. The container is transparent, which means you can keep a tab on the amount that you need to chop or grate. 

- The receiving container comes with a cling lid enabling you to store the chopped and diced vegetables for later use. 


- You might have to cut large vegetables in half and one fourth pieces to get better results during cutting and chopping. 


Economically priced, Nicer dicer plus is definitely a boon for everyone who spends long hours in the kitchen. Durable and made of high quality blades, this chopper lasts long. The receiving container can also be used to store the veggies making it easier for you to do some prep work at leisure. However, you might need to cut down bigger fruits and vegetables before cutting and chopping them using this multi chopper.
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the detailed specification mentions input voltage required which is rubbish as this manual appliance
correct thecdetails
Product Details
Blade Material
Stainless steel
Power Required
Power Input
220~240V 50Hz
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