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Morphy Richards Cutie 1L Instant Water Geyser

Storage capacity:
1 Litre
3000 W
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Morphy Richards Cutie 1L Instant Water Geyser
Murphy Richards Cutie, Water Heater for Contemporary Homes


-Fitted with a 3000 Watt heating element, this geyser can heat large volumes of water in quick time.  All hot water needs of a moderate-sized household, with respect to usage in the kitchen and bathrooms, can be handled by a single unit only.

-Vertically mounted, of a compact design, and with a height of less than half a meter, this water heater is capable of being installed in the smallest of spaces.

- Its three point safety system ensures safe operations of this instant water geyser - at all times, and with all kinds of operating loads.

-The neon indicator lamps installed on the outside of this heater convey the temperature status of the water within.

-Capable of withstanding high inlet pressures, this electric geyser can be used in very high water pressure conditions too, like that in high rise buildings.

-Here, a premium quality material used for the making of its heating element makes for a long lasting and enduring service life.

-Its ABS plastic outer body, and the presence of PUF insulation between the body and the inner tank, prevents rust formation and corrosion; thereby guaranteeing years of trouble free user-experiences.

-The externally adjustable thermostat situated on the outer body allows for easy and convenient control of outlet water temperature.

-Operating on the standard 230V, 50Hz domestic supply, this geyser can be used practically anywhere. 


-The 1 liter inner tank capacity can at times be insufficient for the needs of an average-sized home.  


With a 3 KW heating element featuring an adjustable thermostat, this Morphy Richards water heater is easy to use, and provides hot water in quick time.  It has a rust free body, and a corrosion resistant heating element that keep the heater operational for years to come. It is certainly a useful home appliance that offers good value for its money. 

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Mount Type: Vertical
Storage capacity
1 Litre
3000 W
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