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Mitaso 6.5L Gas Geyser

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Mitaso 6.5L Gas Geyser
An Excellent Geyser With All The Right Features


- The water heater features an auto ignition system which means that the user does not have to constantly keep turning the geyser on and off.

- The water geyser also features a cut off the ability to avoid overheating.

- It comes with an adjustable thermostat allowing the user to control the temperature of the water.

- It features summer and winter modes for more control over the heating of the water.

- The geyser comes with a 2-year warranty.

- The geyser water heater claims that it saves up to 70% on energy costs.


- The water geyser does not have a digital display for more detailed control.

- The company does not provide installation services. The buyer is responsible for installation.


The Mitaso 6.5L Gas Geyser is a perfect water heater at least on paper. There have been almost no complaints regarding the geyser and even if the consumer by chance does face an issue, then the company provides a 2-year warranty and is more than likely to address the said issue. The only concern is that the company does not provide installation services which means the consumer must get the water heater installed from a third party, which has slight risks. However, if done by a professional, there are less likely to be issues raised due to incorrect installation.

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