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Microsoft Surface RT Tablet White

680 gm
Operating System:
Microsoft Windows RT
Primary Camera:
Two 720p HD Camera
2 GB
Quad Core 1.3 GHz, NVIDIA Tegra 3
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8 Reviews from Zopper Customers
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Microsoft Surface RT Tablet White
ingenious hybrid between the PC and tablet !!!
Finally, it has happened. The revolutionary and much anticipated Microsoft Surface is a thing of reality. With the launch of this hybrid piece of technology, it’s safe to say that Microsoft has entered, if not completely established itself, in the hardware market as well. For the ones trying to get their hands on the Surface at the earliest, a few pointers before moving on to the other details should be known about it that could well define the decision of even purchasing one in the first place. I’ll start with the most important. Microsoft has released the Surface in two major versions – one equipped Windows 8, running the Standard and Pro versions, and the other that has been subjected to much critique, namely the one with Windows RT (short for “runtime”). At the first glance, one might not be able to distinguish between the two versions. According to some reports, even Microsoft salesmen aren’t able to explain well the difference between the two as of now. And what all this amounts to is the customer making an uninformed decision about buying one. But there is a difference; and a major one at that. Put simply, the Windows RT doesn’t support third party apps. Whilst this might seem insignificant initially, the implications are immense. Although Windows RT has a desktop mode, it is far from full-featured. In fact, you won’t be able to run even the big third-party software apps on the desktop in Windows RT such as different web browsers like Firefox or Chrome. Windows RT only supports apps from the Windows Store that have been approved by Microsoft. No third-party browsers, no third-party games, no third-party anything. Although it does boast of some cool features, it is this distinction of Windows RT that might be its eventual undoing. Pros: Getting into the hardware details, the Microsoft Surface line features VaporMg (pronounced "VaporMag"), a molded magnesium casing that houses Surface's components paired with a PVD finish. This entire technicality is simply meant to imply that the hardware finishing is worth it. There is a micro HDMI port and a USB port as well, much to the relief of those looking for expandable memory in their Surface. Also, attached to the Surface is a slick kick stand to provide support, providing a true desktop like experience. And combined with detachable keyboards, the Surface can be the first of many in the line of hybrids between PCs and tablets. That’s right – the show stealer in the Surface is surely the detachable keyboard cover. Yes, even keyboards are detachable now. The Surface features two types of keyboards – Touch Cover and Type Cover – which clip on magnetically to the Surface with remarkable accuracy. As is apparent from the names, the Touch Cover keyboard uses pressure sensors to determine the keyboard input while the Type Cover is closer to the conventional keyboards, using buttons for input. Cons: The screen resolution is a big disappointment. In a time where the big guns have rolled out Retina and HD displays, the 1366 x 768 (148 ppi) resolution on Microsoft Surface RT seems shallow. Although the screen is fantastic to look at, the only other upside of this is low cost. Tablets aren’t meant for photography and that’s why you shouldn’t take the camera of the Surface seriously. A 1 MP camera in the rear of the Surface renders the picture quality horrible, to put it subtly. Also, a limited number of apps combined with the increased dependency of the Surface RT on the Windows Store might make the buyers think twice about buying one. Verdict: Contrary to popular opinion, the Surface shouldn’t be treated as a competitor for the other tablets only. Instead, it’s an ingenious hybrid between the PC and tablet. Perhaps the limited of the Window RT might put off some people initially, but the launch of Surface with Windows 8 Pro could change that. And, therefore with its expected release in January ’13, many product returns can be expected. It’s a device to have for sure – it’s new and the experience is refreshing – but can it replace your home PC completely right now? Probably not.
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Surface surfaces at last!
Microsoft has finally entered the market fray in tablets with its own offering from Redmond The Surface Tab. The moment everybody looks at it the first words out are "i hadn't expected it to be that thick, correction here - the surface tab is not as thick as it looks, and is just as thick as its apple counterpart the i Pad. The difference is that while apple has provided curves at the sides to give it a smooth tapered form, the Surface appears to have been carved out of a block of granite. It has a 32 gb version and another 64 gb version the best part is the availability of micro SD slots in which you can insert a card of upto 64 gb and that will take your max storage space to more than 100 gb which is a welcome feeling as apple offers no such facility. the screen size takes everyone by storm but the display disappoints with pixel density of 144, it is nowhere close to the Retina display technology by apple which has the crispiest display in the entire industry. The surface tab offers a usb port which helps in bringing the hybrid pc experience a noth closer to reality as data can be transferred the old way without any fuss. The battery packs Quite a punch as it can last upto seven and a half hours of continuous video display, the sound quality is not all that great but will do. The tab seamlessly synchronizes with your pc as it sports Windows 8 RT which manages to impress everybody with its metro interface as fingers glide smoothly on the capacitive touch screen. the display has full 1080 display capability and movies can be watched with pleasure as the tab can be propped on its back at an angle of 22 degrees, even when on your lap. The only downside of the tablet being in the weight range of 650-700 gms, it is considerably heavy to be carried around casually. With a Tegra processor under the hood, this machine offers value for money but most enthusiasts would like to wait for the releas of the Surface tab pro before they bite in on the Redmond pie!
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Tablet computer!!
This may not be considered as just another tablet, but it's a tablet pc. With the Windows RT operating system, it has a storage capacity of 32 GB. This is at par with the Ipad as it's no less in features than the former. It has a 2GB Ram and 10.6 inch display with HD quality visuals. The camera provided can click amazing pictures and has a lot of filters to choose from. This is by far the best tablet out there without any competition.
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Hybrid tablet
This is a hybrid of a laptop and a tablet. This is wonderful to use with its features varying different spaces. This is very stylish and slim at the same time. Once you get your hands on it, you will never give it up. This makes multitasking seem like a cake walk. Moreover, the battery life is par excellence and doesn't run out quickly. It is speedy and promises to give you the best.
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Product Details
Warranty Period
1 Year Manufacturer warranty
Preinstalled Browser
Internet Explorer 10, HTML, HTML5, Flash
Other Internet Connectivity Options
OTA sync
680 gm
LBH Dimensions
0.37 x 10.81 x 6.77 Inches
User Interface
Operating System
Microsoft Windows RT
31.5 W-h
Up to 8 Hours mixed activity
Standby Time
7-15 Days idle life
Audio Formats Supported
MP3 Support
Video Formats Supported
MP4, 3GP
Video Playback
Internal Storage
32 GB
Memory Card Slot type
MicroSD, MicroSDHC
Expandable Storage Capacity
Upto 64 GB
Audio Jack
Yes, 3.5mm Jack
USB v2.0
More features
Windows Live / MSN
Document Support
Document Viewer
Mail Features
IMAP, POP3, SMTP, Microsoft Exchange
Video Recording
Other Features
Auto Focus
Primary Camera
Two 720p HD Camera
2 GB
Map Support
Yes, Google Maps
Other Display Features
Multi-touch HD display
26.92 cm (10.6 Inch)
1366 x 768 Pixels
In Sales Package
Tablet, User Guide, Charger, USB Cable, Warranty Card
Voice Call
Quad Core 1.3 GHz, NVIDIA Tegra 3
Colour of Handset
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