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Microsoft DC-33 9000 mAh Portable Power Bank Black

LED Indicator:
9000 mAh
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Microsoft DC-33 9000 mAh Portable Power Bank Black
Microsoft Power Bank can be simply Life-Saving


Equipped with a 2-socket feature, the Microsoft DC-33 9000 mAh Portable Power Bank can charge two devices simultaneously as both the ports have standard USB interface.

- Sleek and slim, and with high portability capabilities this 9000mAh power bank makes a great travelling companion. It is also very light-weight.

- It doesn't matter if you use an iPhone or an android based phone, because this power bank can charge any phone. Apart from mobile phones, users can also charge other electronic devices such as the iPad, PSP, iPod and music player. 

- This portable power bank charges phones as fast as the wall charger AC-60. So even a quick blast of power will set users up for more time with your device.

- The LED indicator on the device displays the charging capacity.

- The Microsoft Power Bank can be used in extreme weather conditions as it can sustain in temperatures -15 - +55 C.

- With a high powered 9000mAh battery, it charges your device very quickly, and can do so twice or thrice.


- A power bank is an extra device you need to carry.


The Microsoft DC-33 9000 mAh Portable Power Bank is a very handy gadget for anyone to buy and keep for emergency purposes. With slim and sleek looks, high portability features, multiple sockets and a soft touch button, it indeed makes a good buy. It acts as a universal charger and is of great use while travelling.

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