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Mc Coy Marine 45 45 Litres Personal Cooler

45 Litres
Motor Speed:
1350 RPM
Body Material:
ABS Plastic
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Mc Coy Marine 45 45 Litres Personal Cooler
Fantastic cooling appliance to make your summers pleasant!


- The castor wheels on the bottom of the McCoy cooler make it easier for you to move it from one room to the next.

- An alarm is used to signify when the water level in the water air cooler is low.

- The three-speed setting allows you to adjust the air speed according the weather and the requirement in the room.

- The ABS body ensures that the personal cooler will stay intact for years.

- A remote control can be used to turn the cooler on or off.

- This personal cooler can throw air at about 40 feet in length on average.


- The personal cooler works with a capacity of 3250 square meters per hour. Therefore, this is not recommended for very large rooms outside of a traditional home.

- The side panels can be tough to put back on when they are taken apart.


This Mc Coy cooler can help you cool off a variety of rooms in your home. It's easy to move the water air cooler around. It's also easy to get it to start working with a suitable air speed. The air moves out evenly from the personal cooler while the air itself is crisp and comfortable. Try this if you need an option for your interior cooling needs.

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Nice air throw...
I like this cooler, I am totally impressed by its cooling performance. Air throw is powerful enough to give you uniform cooling.
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Product Details

The McCoy Marine 45-litre personal cooler will provide cool air any room. This McCoy cooler has a 45-litre capacity and features a water level indicator to inform the user of how much water is left in it. This comes with three-speed options and an auto louver movement feature. A honeycomb cooling media setup is designed to let the air come out of the water air cooler as evenly and controlled as possible, thus creating a comfortable feel in any room that could benefit from it.

45 Litres
Motor Speed
1350 RPM
Body Material
ABS Plastic
Marine 45
Personal Cooler
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