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Maharaja Whiteline Coolz Plus Desert Cooler

55 Litres
Motor Speed:
1450 RPM
Body Material:
ABS Plastic
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Maharaja Whiteline Coolz Plus Desert Cooler
Quick and Efficient Cooling on Hot Summer Nights


- The Maharaja Air Cooler with its high air delivery and air throw capacities cools a room quickly and efficiently.

- The wood wool pad cooling mechanism ensures that cooling is consistent and long lasting.

- Four-way deflection allows the unit to cool the room uniformly in all directions.

- Several louver movements and adjustable fan speed allow users to adjust cooling and its direction as desired.

- Aroma technology fills the room with a pleasant fragrance and confers a calming effect.

- The unit consumes only 165 watts of power to keep your electricity consumption low.

- The 55-litre water tank capacity reduces the frequency of water refills thereby leaving your night time to sleep undisturbed.

- Water level indicator shows when water refill is required and makes using the unit more convenient.

- ABS plastic construction of the cooler makes it resistant to shocks and long lasting.

- The unit generates low noise and causes minimum disturbance to users.

- Ice chamber allows ice to be introduced for additional cooling.


- The air cooler may not be suitable when weather conditions are hot and humid.

- Cooling area of 5.92 square feet may seem inadequate for large rooms.

The Maharaja Air Cooler is suitable for use in hot and dry climates thanks to its powerful air throw and air delivery capacities, Four-way air deflection, wood wool pads, and robust motor. Its large water tank capacity, low power consumption, and sturdy construction make it an even more worthy purchase.

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Product Details

Boasting of a powerful 3100 cubic meters/hour air delivery capacity, wood wool pads, heavy 45 feet air throw capacity, 4-way deflection, and a robust 1450 rpm motor. The Maharaja Air Cooler is low on power consumption, comes with multiple louver movements, and features a large 55-liter water tank capacity that makes using the unit convenient. The ice chamber of this desert cooler boosts cooling performance, and low noise gives you undisturbed sleep, and aroma technology makes the room pleasant. ABS plastic construction of this water air cooler makes the product durable.

55 Litres
Motor Speed
1450 RPM
Body Material
ABS Plastic
Coolz Plus (CO-106)
Additional Features
3 Speed Control
Desert Air Cooler
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