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Maharaja Whiteline Atlanto Desert Air Cooler

45 L
Motor Speed:
1450 RPM
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Maharaja Whiteline Atlanto Desert Air Cooler
Experience the Hills in Hot Burning Plains within Few Minutes!


-This p ortable air cooler has castor wheels that makes it convenient to shift and keeps you away from the hassle of buying a new trolley. The inbuilt wheels are strong and rotatable making the shifting from one room to another pretty easy.

- The Maharaja Whiteline Cooler is made up of hard plastic that makes it not only strong but also light weight cooler. This means that carrying it here and there is not at all a problem.

- The air throw is strong and the cooling effect is quick as well as soothing.

- The water air cooler has a large 45 litre tank which is huge and a big boon.

- The power consumption is low which ensures that one does not have to spend much on electricity bills. Purchasing this cooler will not give an increase to your monthly expenditures.

- The water indicator is of convenience because it tells you when you need to refill the tank and when the water tank is full. You do not have to keep checking the tank time and again.

- This portable air cooler is absolutely shock proof making it safe for children to use.

- The blower has 3 levels to control the fan speed; therefore one can adjust it according to their own convenience. 


- The light colours make the dust visible. They get dirty faster and need to be cleaned regularly.


Buying the Maharaja Whiteline Cooler will be a smart move as it has all the essential features in a pocket friendly budget. The dust filter gives you cool and clean air so that the portable air cooler takes care of your health. It is very convenient to install and use and is suitable for office as well as use at homes.

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Product Details

The Maharaja Whiteline Cooler has a large 45 litre water holding capacity so that you do not have to refill it every other hour. This water air cooler has a unique as well as an elegant design that adds to the beauty of any décor. It is available in two colors, that is, white and light grey so you have an option to take your favorite one at home. The air throw is excellent and strong that reaches every corner of the room be it large or small to give comfort to everyone. It comes with a one year manufacturing warranty.

Ice Chamber
Water Level Indicator
45 L
Motor Speed
1450 RPM
Atlanto CO-109
Additional Features
Fourway Air Deflection, High Air Delivery, Low Noise
Desert Air Cooler
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