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Luminous LE19000 155AH Inverter Battery

Output voltage:
12 Volt
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Luminous LE19000 155AH Inverter Battery
Luminous LE19000 155AH Inverter Battery- For Power-cut Prone Areas!


- The plates are thick and corrosion resistant for an uninterrupted service for a long time.

- The electrolyte loss is reduced through the special alloy and thus the water topping frequency is minimized.

- The design is of this deep cycle battery completely unique with balanced active material ratio that enhances the discharge recovery.

- Completely sealed plastic and absolutely minimum footprint.

- The ceramic water level indicators help in maintaining the battery.

- Minimum self-discharge increases the shelf life.

- The polyethylene separator of the inverter battery increases charge acceptance within the lowest internal resistance.

- Warranty of 2 years is provided which is definitely beneficial.

- Suitable for such areas that face power cuts for 8-10 hours every day.

- Automatic cut off after discharging at a certain level for saving the deep discharge.

-If the electrical loads comprise 4 fans and 4 tube lights, the backup time shall be 2.25 hours to 3.25 hours.


- Battery is little heavy in weight.


The Luminous LE19000 155AH Inverter Battery is undoubtedly an effective one that offers immense features, starting from protection to long lasting and high quality performance. It reduces electricity consumption increasing your financial savings. If you are looking for an efficient battery for using in adverse environments, go for it.

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Power Outage Support, Electrolyte Volume 10.6Litres
Output voltage
12 Volt
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