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Luminous Ion Sine Wave Inverter - 1500 VA

1500 VA
Output voltage:
230 V Nominal (Ups Mode)
Sine Wave
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Luminous Ion Sine Wave Inverter - 1500 VA
Get Power Backup for All Your Electrical Appliance With This Luminous Ion Sine Wave Inverter


- Bring this efficient Sine wave inverter in your home to ensure that your work is not affected by the power cut. The inverter can run a single personal computer for up to 8 hours.

- This inverter gives you selectable battery option.

- The microcontroller based design of this Luminous inverter and its capability to recharge the battery at twice the normal speed ensures that it uses less energy.

- This highly efficient inverter comes with pre-loaded management software. It also has a nice digital display, which makes it pretty easy to manage the settings of this inverter.

- This inverter comes with ultra-fast short circuit protection which ensures that all your electrical devices are completely safe.

- It also comes with an overload protection with auto reset feature. This ensures that your inverter is automatically shut down in a case of overload and resumes back when the load is lessened.

- The audio alarm feature of this inverter lets you know when the battery is low.

- It is an excellent inverter to support all your electrical home appliances.


- If you need power backup for a large home with more rooms and electric appliances, this inverter with 1500 VA will not be sufficient.

- If you live in a town where power cut is longer and frequent, the inverter may not work efficiently as it needs time to recharge the batteries of the inverter.


If you are working from home and need a power backup for your computer, the Luminous Ion Sine Wave Inverter can help keep your PC running for 8 hours without electricity. If you are looking for a power backup for your electrical appliance, you may want to buy this Luminous inverter.

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Product Details

A power cut in hot summer days can become unbearable. Bring Luminous Ion Sine Wave Inverter to ensure the power backup in your home. This Luminous inverter comes with 2 battery system. It also comes with some excellent features like Micro controller based design, Pre-loaded battery management software, Advanced digital display, Overload with auto re-set and protection features like Ultra Fast Short Circuit Protection, Battery reverse polarity protection and DC over Voltage protection. It comes with a 2-year warranty.

1500 VA
Output voltage
230 V Nominal (Ups Mode)
Sine Wave
Additional Features
Other Feature Set
ABCC Technology, Overload Indicator
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