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Luminous IL-16000 Flat Plate Inverlast Battery

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Luminous IL-16000 Flat Plate Inverlast Battery
Luminous Inverlast Batteries for Frequent Power-cuts


- Weighing 27.5 Kgs, this 505*220*258 mm (L*W*H) device has 10.6 electrolyte volume and can be installed in offices and residential places alike.

- This Luminous Battery has amazing charge acceptance because of its polyethylene separator with low internal resistance.

- This flat plate battery is equipped with extra thicker plates designed from unique corrosion resistant alloy that provide long and uninterrupted service life.

- It has minimum self-discharge which increases its shelf life.

- This Luminous Battery is designed using a special alloy that prevents electrolyte loss and thereby minimises water topping frequency.

- Incorporating a unique design with balanced active material ratio, it offers superior and deep discharge recovery.

- Sleek in appearance and sealed in plastic housing, it requires minimum footprint and can be installed conveniently. 

- This Luminous inverter battery is equipped with level indicators that aid in easy maintenance.

- The charging current in the boost mode starts at 13.5A and finishes at 6.75A.

- It requires 473 mA maximum trickle charge and 119 mA minimum trickle charge.

- It is backed by 18 Months Free of Cost Warranty and 6 Months Pro-rata Warranty.


- Sometimes poor heat dissipation can cause the battery to deteriorate faster.


Luminous Inverlast Flat Plate Batteries are an excellent power backup solution and trusted companions during those long and strenuous power cuts. Crafted from special alloy, it has maximum shelf life, offers power-packed performance and keeps control on your electricity bills.
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Product Details

The Luminous Battery allows good performance and increases the shelf life of the inverter. It is designed in a way to withstand frequent discharging. It features thicker plates delivering lesser peak current. Incorporating 135 Ah battery, this flat plate battery provides sufficient electricity for 4-5 hours constantly. Some other features include unique design, sleek appearance, and level indicators, for added functionality. Crafted from special alloy, it does not require too much maintenance and is suitable for areas with frequent power cuts. It comes with 18 Months free of cost warranty + 6 Months Pro-rata warranty. 

Additional Features
Other Feature Set
Extra Thick Plates Made With Unique Corrosion Resistant Alloy For Long Uninterrupted Service Life
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