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Luminous Eco Volt 1650VA Sine Wave Home UPS

Sine Wave
Output voltage:
24 V
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Luminous Eco Volt 1650VA Sine Wave Home UPS
Enjoy Uninterrupted Power Supply with the Luminous UPS


- Endowed with a compact design, this UPS does not take up much space and is perfect for small homes and offices too.

- The 1650 VA capacity ensures that it can offer power backup to most of the devices for long.

- With the capability to provide back up to sensitive electronics, you can easily connect it to various home appliances like home theatre, televisions, fans, computers and what not.

- This home UPS has a single phase input-output allowing it to supply uninterrupted power to the appliances connected to it.

- Powered by dual batteries of 135 AH to 200 AH, the charge stays longer, thereby providing uninterrupted backup for long.

- Thanks to the advanced battery management technology, battery life is enhanced.

- Batteries can be easily charged at a power input as low as 110 V. However, the power output is of 230 V, which is enough for the efficient functioning of the devices.

- Working on the Sine Wave form technology, the power output is compatible with all electronic devices.

- With the auto holiday mode option, you can save the charge of the battery when the UPS is not in use.


- The batteries are large, and the external variety takes up a lot of space.


This Luminous UPS with its efficient batteries that offer long power backup is an ideal choice for homes and offices. Being compatible with sensitive devices, you can easily connect it to home appliances without worrying about their safety.

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Product Details
Power interruptions would become a thing of the past with the Luminous UPS. With a capacity of 1650VA, you can connect many of your home appliances to this UPS to ensure uninterrupted functioning. Working on 2 batteries of 135AH to 200AH, this home UPS offers a long and efficient back up. The battery can be charged with as low as 110V power input. It supplies 230V in return during power cuts, which is enough for all appliances to operate on. 
Sine Wave
Output voltage
24 V
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