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LG VR62701LVM Vaccum Cleaner Ruby Red

Warranty Period:
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Dust Collection Capacity:
14.8 Ltr
Dimensions (W x H x D):
340 x 89 x 340 mm
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LG VR62701LVM Vaccum Cleaner Ruby Red
The new robotic LG vacuum cleaner Keeps your Home Dust-Free!


- This cleaning device has an advanced Hepa filtering system so people with allergies will feel comfortable while using it.

- This is a portable vacuum cleaner from LG brand so you can carry it anywhere.

- It has a powerful suction system that helps in drawing out dust from your furniture and bed sheets including sofas. This system is very effective in drawing out stubborn dust from the carpets of your home.

- This vacuum cleaner has a slim design and has been manufactured exclusively in Thailand with very durable material.

- You won't need to charge this vacuum cleaner again and again because it has a long lasting battery.


- This portable vacuum cleaner has a cable wire system inside its body.  If these wires get disturbed then you might face some trouble in operating this dust cleaning machine.

- This machine operates at a low processing speed so it may take some time in cleaning dusty surfaces.


This new LG compact vacuum cleaner can prove to be a precious asset in keeping your home clean and totally free from dust. This is a robotic vacuum cleaner that has a semi automatic user interface. It has a long battery life so you don't have to charge it again and again. The attached camera of this dust cleaning device will allow you to have a post cleaning view.   

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Product Details
The LG VR62701LVM Vaccum Cleaner - Ruby Red is a new cleaning machine that will upgrade the style of cleaning your home. You will find many new and exciting features in this LG vacuum cleaner. Firstly this is a portable vacuum cleaner, so you can easily carry it from one room to the other, or even one floor to the other. This vacuum cleaning machine is a robot vacuum cleaner. It is so easy to use that you will look forward to using this machine to make your home dust-free.
Warranty Period
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Dust Collection Capacity
14.8 Ltr
Cleaning Mode
Schedule Cleaning
Unit Weight
3 Kg
Dimensions (W x H x D)
340 x 89 x 340 mm
Add on Features
Hepa Filter
Exhaust Filter: HEPA (11)
Additional Features
Floor Type: Hard Floor, Tile, Carpet; Battery
Body Features
Navigation: Upper Camera, Lower Camera, Ultrasonic Sensor: 5
Items in the box
Main Unit, Attachable Dry Mopping Mat, Docking Style Charger, Remote Control, Cleaning Brush
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