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Lenovo Gxv0F78692 7800 mAh Power Bank White

LED Indicator:
7800 mAh
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Lenovo Gxv0F78692 7800 mAh Power Bank White
Power Backup for Devices from Lenovo

- Lightweight and compact, you can easily carry this Lenovo power bank along with you wherever you go. The design of this power bank is quite chic and appealing making it a perfect companion for your high end devices. 

- Fitted with a micro USB input connector, you can easily charge it by connecting to your laptop or PC. 

-On the other hand, the output USB connector can be used to charge the batteries of all devices that have a USB charging pin. 

- This being a 7800 mAH power bank, it can store a lot of charge once fully charged. This comes in handy to charge your devices many a times while on the go. 

- With a power output of 5V DC, use this power bank to charge smartphones, tablets, Kindle etc. What's more this is compatible with most of the devices, irrespective of the brand, making it an ideal choice for all. 


- This USB power bank takes close to 5 and a 1/2 hours to get fully charged which seems to be quite a lot of time. 


Lenovo power bank
 is a perfect choice for people who make optimum use of their smart devices and don't want to be stranded with a dried out battery. Easy to carry around, this power bank is compatible with most of the popular devices. With an impressive power storing capacity, it gives an assurance of power back up at all times. However, fully charging the power bank does take a lot of time.
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Product Details
With this Lenovo power bank, you would never again be stranded with a drained out device battery. Extremely lightweight, you can easily carry it around wherever you go. Thanks to its USB socket, charging all USB compatible devices is possible with this power bank. This 7800mAH power bank can provide ample power supply, once it is fully charged. With a output of 5V DC, use this power bank to charge all devices that require a similar input for charging. The LED power indicator comes in handy in assessing the amount of power held by the power bank.
Model Number
LED Indicator
Additional Features
Designed For -Most Micro Usb Equipped Phones, Tablet Pcs And Supporting Devices.
7800 mAh
Warranty Period
6 Months Warranty
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