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Kingston SDC4 8 GB Class 4 MicroSD HC Memory Card

Memory size:
8 GB
Card Class:
4 MB/s
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Kingston SDC4 8 GB Class 4 MicroSD HC Memory Card
Kingston, the Name personifies Safe Storage


-Since the Micro SDHC card is designed to withstand X-rays, it can be used in high security areas like airports.

- Users may move large files from one device to another for their sharing or printing needs by using this MicroSDHC card.

-In case of failure, the data can be restored or retrieved with the help of Kingston's proprietary software.

-With the additional use of a SDHC adapter, the card can be read with a laptop, camera or other supporting devices.

-Supports all popular FAT-32 formats, making the data very versatile and functional.

-This versatile data storage system is a handy product with optimum capacity for ringtones, photos, games, and videos stored on mobiles, as well as other compatible digital devices.

-The full-size SD adapter included with the card brings compatibility to a diverse range of electronic devices. From digital cameras to smart phones, media players, HDTV sets, and more, the Kingston card kit offers optimum ease of use and maximum flexibility.

-Pleasure or business, the Kingston memory card helps users keep pace with busiest digital lifestyles.

-It is backed by 24/7 technical support and a lifetime warranty.


-If stored for long periods of time without use, the data on the card may get corrupt.

-Operating the card in low battery conditions of the host device can lead to black out and loss of data on the card.


Users looking for a long lasting, portable storage device that's both compact and robust, should go for this 8GB memory card. Produced by a company that has always set standards in the data storage industry, this Kingston memory card is not a letdown.

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Product Details

The Kingston SDC4 8GB Class 4 memory card is capable of reading data at speeds of 4MB/s or more and has a storage capacity of 8 GB of data.  The 8GB memory card is primarily used to store low resolution videos and still images.  Built with a robust design, the card can take rough physical handling without getting damaged, but care must be taken while operating the same.  This Class 4 memory card must never be disturbed while in use, else, it could lead to permanent and irreparable damages. The memory card is mainly designed for Android supported devices. 

Model ID
Memory size
8 GB
Card Class
4 MB/s
Compatible with microSDHC host devices
10.2 x 0.1 x 10.2 cm
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