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Kingston MicroSD HC 4 GB Class 4 Memory Card

Memory size:
4 GB
Card Class:
Class 4
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Kingston MicroSD HC 4 GB Class 4 Memory Card
A Smart Storage Option for Smartphones and Digicams
- This Class 4 memory card offers substantial storage along with fast performance.
- With a 4 MB/sec transfer speed, this Class 4 memory ensures fast uploads to your laptop and PC.
- Perfect for photographers and shutter-happy smartphone users, this 4 GB Kingston memory card lets you shoot and store a large number of high definition images and videos.
- You can also use this Class 4 memory card with your smartphones, laptops, point-and-shoot cameras, game consoles, camcorders and all portable devices that support the microSD HC format.
- A compatible adapter allows you to use this Class 4 microSD card as a full-size SDHC card.
- Designed for durability, this Kingston memory card is magnetic-, shock-, vibration- and water- proof. What's more, it is also protected from airport X-rays as well.

- It is only compatible with conventional microSD host devices.
- You cannot store all movies, videos and music at the same time.

Compatible with most SDHC format-supporting devices, this 4 GB Kingston Memory Card offers a versatile and hassle free storage option. Reasonably priced, this Class 4 memory card is a good buy.
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Product Details
Add an extra 4 GB of storage to your smartphone with the Kingston SDHC class 4 memory card and save your photos, games, videos.  This 4 GB memory card provides a 4 MB/sec read/write speed for speedy transfer of high-resolution files. Designed for versatility, this Kingston memory card supports all conventional devices such as smartphones, laptops, point-and-shoot cameras, game consoles, camcorders that support the micro SDHC format. Simple to use, just insert this memory card into the given slot, let the device recognize it and you are good to go.
Model ID
Memory size
4 GB
Card Class
Class 4
Mobiles, Digital Cameras, SLR Cameras, Laptops
10.2 x 0.1 x 10.2 cm
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