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Kingston DataTraveler101G2 16 GB Utility Pendrive

Utility Pendrive
16 GB
USB 2.0
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Kingston DataTraveler101G2 16 GB Utility Pendrive
Kingston Data Traveler - Your Daily Storage Driver!


- It feels great and absolutely makes for the best budget friendly 16GB Pendrive, thanks to the metallic rotating swivel giving it a premium look.

- It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS giving which gives it an edge over other flash drives.

- It can work at a temperature of 60 degree centigrade which is a good news for people who have to work all day on computer systems and have to transport data from one place to another. The storage temperature however can handle a staggering 85 degree centigrade.

- At 1.6 oz or 45 grams, this 16GB Pendrive feels amazingly light in the pocket and also comes with a five year warranty.


- The metallic swivel tends to come out of the plastic bulge it revolves around every time it bends or is played with which is a little bit of a letdown.

- Is not compatible with Windows XP and Kingston has got some serious explanaing to do here considering the fact that not everyone on the planet has Windows 7 on their computers.


With premium looks and some of the most advanced features in the budget segment, the Kingston data traveler 101 G2 utility pendrive is the ultimate data storage driver you can buy. The best part about the Kingston G2 16GB Pendrive is that it can work at temperatures of up to 60 degrees and not many pen drives can handle such temperatures and if you work a lot around computers and hot CPUs, then this product is just right for you.


The HP v 100w is one of the finest flash drives from the brand and looks stunning with curved edges and glossy cover. It weighs around 700 grams and feels a bit heavier than Kingston G2. The maximum voltage it can handle is about 5.5 DC and the operational temperatures are the same as G2. It is however compatible with Windows XP but not with Chrome OS which is not much of an issue as not many people are using it currently anyway.

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Useful device
Good item. Enough space is there for storage. Convenient to use and carry. Design is good and cover makes it safe to carry. Copy speed is great. Data transfer speed very good...14.6 GB space available. Working fine no problem so far. Pen drive with attractive looks and strong body. Just perfect.
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Product Details
The Kingston Data Traveler 101 G2 is a compact USB flash drive with a metallic swivel up top that guarantees the safety of the connector and can be rotated around in any direction. The connector has a plastic casing and comes in various eye popping colors. This 16GB Pendrive can handle operational temperatures of up to 60 degrees and will protect your data at all costs. The swivel feature can be customized as per your requirement which makes the flash drive stand out in terms of customization, looks and durability.
In The Box
Sales Package
1 Pen Drive
Model ID
Utility Pendrive
16 GB
USB 2.0
Additional Features
Other Features
Operating Temperature: 0DegCto60DegC, StorageTemperature:-20DegCto85DegC, Lightweight,Sleek, CompactDrive
Warranty Period
5 Years Domestic Warranty
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