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Khaitan 25 Ltr Zolta Geyser

Storage capacity:
25 Litres
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Khaitan 25 Ltr Zolta Geyser
Khaitan 25 Liter Zolta Geyser - Compact, Stylish and Energy Efficient!


- The geyser being cylindrical and just 43 cm in width, saves a lot of space in the bathroom. The compact design of the geyser works wonderfully for people with traveler buses and caravans.

- Simple indications. Khaitan has kept it simple by providing two notification lights at the bottom of the geyser for ease of use.

- Huge storage capacity. Where other brands offer a storage capacity of not more than 20 liters, Khaitan Geyser has its own game. You get a full 25 liter stainless steel tank that keeps water warm for hours even after the geyser has been turned off.

- Despite the fact that the tank is a stainless steel unit, the geyser weighs around 9.5 kilograms and can be easily lifted when mounting on the wall.


- The Khaitan Geyser consumes 3000 W of power even though it is 4 star rated.

- There is no doubt that the design is very compact and stylish, but Khaitan should upgrade their designs a bit as the geyser looks like just another old fashioned model with some minor improvements such as storage capacity and weight.


The Khaitan 25 Liter Zolta water geyser offers some of the most advanced features in a solid container followed by a simple installation process. The geyser is best suited for hotel rooms and flats as it is compact and decently energy efficient.


The Champion 25 Liter Classic geyser is a little bigger in size as compared to the Khaitan water geyser. The heating element inside the geyser is Teflon coated and is a non-instant geyser but has maximum safety features like auto cut off, pressure release valve and thermostat. It comes with 3 heat settings that can be used as per the climate. The stainless steel tank has been given marble finish on the outside that looks neat. On the bottom, there is a pipe that release unwanted pressure thus protecting the inner walls from moisture. 

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nt mentioned the warranty year..
Product Details
Additional Features
Over Heat Cut Off, Safety Tip-Over Switch, Hydraulically Tested High Pressure Withstanding Tank, In-Built Pressure Release Valve For Additional Safety, Neon Lamp For Heating And Thermal Cut-Out
Storage capacity
25 Litres
Heat efficiency
Long lasting heating element
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