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Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier

Warranty Period:
1 Year Warranty
Purification Type:
Required Water Purifier
Total Storage Capacity:
7 Litres
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Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier
Drink the safest water with the Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier


- The Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier is made in a way that you can easily mount it on the wall for your convenience. You can save space on your kitchen top and also easily access water from the tank whenever required for consumption.

- You can get the safest water that is bacteria and virus free from your Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier. A high powered 11W UV lamp has been used in the filter to remove all the harmful micro-organisms from the water.

- The Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier has a leak proof body and all the fittings are made avoid wastage of water. The O-Rings inside the push-fit fittings also protect against leakages.

- The v Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier is made from ABS food grade plastic that also makes it very durable and strong.


- A lot of water is wasted during the filtration of the water.

- The Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier also requires more units of electricity.


The Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier gives you the safest water by even removing the micro-organism from it. It can easily be mounted on the wall and has a leak-proof body. This purifier is an ideal water purifier for your consumption needs and is also reasonably priced.
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Product Details
Warranty Period
1 Year Warranty
Purification Features
Filter Type
Micron Sediment, Activated Carbon
RO Membrane Change Alarm
Fit-in UV Alarm
Purification Stages
Unit Weight
4.7 Gms
Purification Type
Required Water Purifier
Installation Type
Wall Mount
Total Storage Capacity
7 Litres
Dimensions (W x H x D)
136 x 340 x 395 mm
Items in the box
1 Unit, User Manual, Warranty Card, Service Center Details
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