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Kenstar Snow Cool KCLTRF1W-FCA Air Cooler White

55 Litres
Body Material:
ABS Plastic
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Kenstar Snow Cool KCLTRF1W-FCA Air Cooler White
Keep Chilled With the Kenstar Snow Cool KCLTRF1W-FCA Air Cooler


- The Kenstar air cooler has wheels on the bottom that keep it at an even level. These will not scuff up the floor as the cooler is moved from one room to the next.

- The dust filter traps in harmful particles from outside the unit.

- The air cooler with remote features a mosquito net to keep such pests from getting in the way of the cooler.

- A water level indicator will let you know when you need to refill it.

- The cooling pads can be opened up, thus allowing you to clean off the filters and other features on the inside.

- This works on a inverter, therefore, it does not require much of an electric current.


- The water air cooler can use up the water that comes into it rather quickly.

- It can be tough to put the cooling pads back into the cooler after you remove and clean them off.


The KCLTRF1W-FCA Kenstar air cooler will help you out with keeping a cool space under control when you need a comfortable space. This water air cooler will provide you with chilled air through a large 55-litre tank. The water inside the tank will stay protected for a while as mosquitoes can be kept out of it. The air cooler with remote can especially be easy for you to move from one room to another, thus making it easy to handle no matter what you demand out of it.

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Product Details

With a capacity of 55 litres, the KCLTRF1W-FCA Kenstar air cooler is a popular option that is made with an ABS plastic body. The unit has a strong design that features plenty of vents to help with getting the cool air to come out of it. The water air cooler features a series of control knobs on the top of the body. The air cooler with remote control features especially responds well to most commands and adjustments. This is all made with a strong body that can be quickly moved from one room to the next.

Water Level Indicator
55 Litres
Body Material
ABS Plastic
Additional Features
Dust Filter, Mosquito Net, Openable cooling pads, Portability,Water Inlet, Works on invertor
Air Cooler
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