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Kenstar Slim Line SD 0434 Air Cooler

30 Litres
Body Material:
ABS Plastic
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Kenstar Slim Line SD 0434 Air Cooler
The Kenstar Slimline SD 0434 Air Cooler Keeps Your Room Cool


- The Kenstar Slimline air cooler is only 13 kg in weight, thus making it easier to move.

- The controls on the front part of the water air cooler are easy to operate. Each label is carefully labelled.

- The air will move through quickly and evenly.

- There are three different speed settings to choose from. Each of these will create enough cool air without generating too much stress on the cooler.

- A dust filter will help with cleaning out the air that comes in and moves out of the cooler.

- The wheels on the bottom make it easy for you to move this around any room.


- The Kenstar air cooler is designed with smaller rooms in mind. It is not appropriate for larger spaces where the air can easily dissipate.

- It takes a few minutes for the cooler to fully start up. It will still do well with generating enough cool air when the unit is fully running.


You can enjoy plenty of cool air in your home with the Kenstar Slimline air cooler working for your needs. This is a brilliant air cooler that will help you keep the air in your home chilled. It takes in plenty of water and will work at a variety of speeds. You can quickly move this Kenstar air cooler around thanks to its easy to move the body and its convenient wheels.

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Product Details

The Kenstar Slimline SD 0434 is a water air cooler that comes with a 30-litre water tank. The Kenstar Slimline air cooler can cool off about 592 square feet at a time. A water indicator is included on the front to show how much water is inside it and if it must be refilled. Also, the fan on the inside of the Kenstar air cooler works in a rotary motion, which allows cool air to move out from the cooler as quickly as possible. It can also spread out the air to a larger surface area. It uses a 1400 rpm motor for indoor cooling needs and features a wood wool material for cooling purposes.

Slim Line SD 0434
Room Cooler
30 Litres
Cooling Area
592 Sq Feet
Water Level Indicator
Body Material
ABS Plastic
Additional Features
Quadraflow Technology, 6 Blade Powerful Fan, Wood Wool Pads, 3 Speed
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