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Kenstar Glam-35R KCT3RF4H-EBA Air Cooler

35 L
Motor Speed:
1400 (R. P. M.)
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Kenstar Glam-35R KCT3RF4H-EBA Air Cooler
A Smart Cooler, Kenstar Air Cooler


-The Kenstar Air Cooler uses the honeycomb cooling technology, because of which, the cooling pads are designed to provide maximum cooling and years of reliable service, unlike the traditional cooling pads that are not so durable.

-It has a top loading ice chamber for storing ice. This product characteristic lowers the temperature of any room, wherein the unit is installed, in a lag-free and seamless manner.

-It can run on an inverter in the absence of electricity.

-This Honeycomb Cooler features a mosquito net/dust filter so that it restricts the entry of mosquitoes inside the cooler, thus keeping the water free from bacteria and pollution.The filter ensures that the discharged air is clean and safe at all times.

-This Water Air Cooler functions on the remote control system. The remote is equipped with the options to control cooling along with the speed, swing, and timer buttons of the cooler. This remote control allows users to operate the cooler, anytime, and from anywhere in the room, without moving from their seats.

-The blowers used in the cooler have dimensions of 7 inches for passing cool breeze.

-An empty water tank alarm is fixed in the cooler; it automatically sends out signals whenever the water inside the tank gets empty. Here, users need not check the water level again and again, thereby saving on their time.

-The motor of this air cooler runs at the speed of 1400 RPM so as to cool the surroundings in no time.

-The cooler uses the blowing technique for throwing air up to 35 feet with 1150 M3/Hr. rate of air delivery.


-The water storage capacity is quite less.


The cooler makes day-to-day living better with the help of easy operable features along with the high tech solutions.Coping with the latest technology; it is a great alternate to an air conditioner for cooling hot interiors.

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Product Details

Kenstar Glam-35R KCT3RF4H-EBA Air Cooler is a modern and efficient cooler of glam series. It’s smart and tall body, with an affordable price, is the perfect combination to deal with hot summers. The cooler features 35 liters of water storage capacity. Also, a water level indicator is present inside the cooler to watch over the water level. A one year warranty covers the Kenstar Air Cooler under ‘after sales service’. Three modes of speed are present to control the cooling functionality of this air cooler with a difference. The weight of the cooler is 10.8 kg, which makes it a handy and portable machine to have in any room.

Ice Chamber
Water Level Indicator
35 L
Cooling Area
35 Ft
Motor Speed
1400 (R. P. M.)
Additional Features
HoneyComb, Remote Control, Top Loading Ice Chamber, Empty Water Tank Alarm
Air Cooler
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