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Kenstar CP 0118H Little DX 12 Litre Air Cooler

12 Litres
Body Material:
ABS Plastic
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Kenstar CP 0118H Little DX 12 Litre Air Cooler
Kenstar Cooler, the Ultimate Cooling Solution
- Manufactured from impact-resistant ABS engineering plastic body, this portable air cooler is white in color and ensures a longer shelf life.
- The high-performance Kenstar Air Cooler requires 230 volts-50 Hz of power to function and consumes 120 watts of power to offer cool breeze at all times.
- It features light-weight advanced technology honey comb pads that ensure longer durability of the cooler and make it portable, thereby making it convenient for users to shift it from one room to another.
- Besides, it also features castor wheels for easy movement. The cooler can be turned and placed wherever the user is seated, conveniently. 
- This Kenstar Air Cooler is inverter compatible, and works during power cuts. It also functions properly during blackouts and lack of power supply.
- This energy-efficient cooler features a 4-way air deflection system and can throw air from a distance of 35 feet, thereby keeping the rooms cool at all times.
- This Kenstar Cooler ensures uniform distribution of air in all corners of small spaces.
- It features an ice chamber that cools air instantly during hotter days. 
- It is equipped with a water level indicator that informs users to refill the water tank when it gets emptied.
- With 12 litres of water tank capacity, it cools small offices and residential apartments efficiently.
- Other useful features include 900 meter cube per hour air delivery and motorized auto drain facilities that ensure effective cooling. 

- Small in size; it cannot cool medium sized rooms to the optimum levels.

The Kenstar Air Cooler CP 0118H LITTLE COOLER DX is a well-designed and powerful cooler ideal for small spaces. Equipped with numerous cooling features, it cools small offices and residential spaces alike. Designed using durable ABS plastic body, it ensures stronger shelf and service life. Overall, a high-performing device that's perfect for beating the unbearable summer days and nights.

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Nice cooling capacity
The cooler is very good & efficient, water consumption is not too much. Cooling capacity is also very good. Cooler is not so noisy. Nice built quality and rust-resistant body material. Very energy efficient. There are three speed settings for your convenience. Very nice cooler...
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Air throw is quite powerful...
In performance, its mind blowing and design is very eye catchy. Sturdy built quality.  
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Product Details

Users would like to bring home the Kenstar Air Cooler CP 0118H LITTLE COOLER DX to stay in cooler environment at all times. This unit is equipped with honey comb cooling pads for providing cooler air for a longer duration. It features castor wheels that allow or the movement of this cooler. This unit is inverter compatible and has the capacity of throwing air from a distance of 35 feet. It also features an ice chamber pack that cools the air in a room instantly, thus helping its users beat the hot summer days to perfection. Other features include three speed control, 12 litters water tank, motorised auto drain, water level indicator, etc. for added functionality. 

Ice Chamber
Water Level Indicator
12 Litres
Cooling Area
125 Sq Feet
Body Material
ABS Plastic
CP 0118H
Additional Features
Earthing Safety, Louver Movement, Inverter Compatibility, 3-Speed Control, Dust Filter Net, Honeycomb
Air Cooler
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