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Kenstar CL 9704-C Turbocool DX Air Cooler

40 Litres
Motor Speed:
3 Speed Setting
Body Material:
ABS Plastic
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Kenstar CL 9704-C Turbocool DX Air Cooler
Kenstar Air Cooler for Much Cooler Days
- This Kenstar air cooler is an ideal choice for dry-heat conditions; it promises to keep users cool even during extreme summer days. 
- Delivering 2450 cubic meters of cool breeze, it keeps the environment soothing and cool.
- Loaded with high-performance fans, it makes sure that cool air is uniformly distributed in the entire room. 
- This desert air cooler is equipped with three speed control settings, which users can use to control the speed of the airflow, in line with their needs.
- This energy-efficient air cooler is equipped with a cooling media that flaunts a contemporary design that keeps the room pleasant and offers superior performance, even after prolonged usage. 
- It provides motorized and automatic louver movements that circulate air uniformly for making the air inside any room cool; regardless of where it is installed.
- The Kenstar air cooler features a six blade fan that throws out powerful blasts of air, making hot summer days all the more bearable.
- This indoor air cooler is equipped with an in-built ice chamber that offers additional cooling. It enables users to put ice directly in the cooler for providing refreshing sensations and a cool environment.  
- Drawing only 190 watts of power, this unit proves to be an energy-efficient device, thereby reducing upon electricity bills.
- Crafted from re-engineered ABS plastic body, it is a corrosion-free appliance that ensures a longer shelf life.

- Lacks the option of turning the water system on and off. 

Be it office or home, Kenstar Turbocool DX 9704C Air cooler is a perfect solution for all cooling needs in arid and dry climates. Made from corrosion-free and ABS plastic, it is loaded with numerous contemporary features that delivers cool breeze and keeps the environment pleasant. Overall, it is a high-performance cooler available at an affordable price. 

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Superb cooling
Very simple and sober cooling product. It provides you tremendous cooling even in scorching summers. Water capacity is quite enough i.e. 40 litres as you don't have to fill water again and again. It comes with 3 speed settings which you can adjust accordingly. Very elegant design cooler that can cool big rooms also. I am sure you won't regret after buying this cooler.
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good service prabh simran electronics
good cooler
Product Details

The Kenstar Turbocool DX 9704C Air cooler keeps the environment cool and makes summers bearable. Made from superior quality ABS plastic, it prevents corrosion and lasts longer. It is equipped with high-performance fans, three speed control settings, cooling media, six-blade fan, and ice-chamber for giving out cold breeze. Suitable for small-medium sized rooms, it can cool offices and homes alike. Weighing 20 kgs, this (W*H*D) 640*910*540 mm appliance requires a dedicated space and can be kept on the trolley in the room. This air cooler has a 40 litre water tank capacity that ensures cooler air for longer durations. It is backed by one year manufacture warranty. 

Ice Chamber
Water Level Indicator
40 Litres
Cooling Area
645 Sq Feet
Motor Speed
3 Speed Setting
Body Material
ABS Plastic
Turbocool DX 9704C
Additional Features
6 Blade Powerful Fan, 3 Speed Control, Compact
Air Cooler
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