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Kenstar 40 Wondercool Desert Cooler White

40 Litres
Motor Speed:
1400 rpm
Body Material:
ABS Plastic
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Kenstar 40 Wondercool Desert Cooler White
An Efficient Indoor Cooler With High Capacity and High Performance


- This Kenstar air cooler comes in a stylish design with pristine white ABS plastic body that ensures durability.

- This desert cooler has a high capacity tank of 40 litres. This is excellent for cooling larger rooms like halls and offices as well.

- This indoor cooler has the air throw distance of 40 feet ensures that each and every part of your room gets the cold air even when the room is large.

- The wood wool cooling pads keep the air inside your room much cooler than the outer air.

- The body of this cooler is made of high-quality ABS plastic, which not only gives it an excellent look but also provides the required durability. It is resistant to rust and corrosion and keeps your cooler working for a long period.

- It also comes with Mosquito/Dust Filter. The filter keeps the dust and mosquitoes outside.


- Those people living in humid area, the air cooler can increase the humidity inside your house as it uses water to cool the air of your home.

- If the water supply in your area is limited, you may have difficulty using this air cooler.


Now it has become easy to beat the heat of summers with Kenstar cooler, which makes your home comfortable even when the sun is at its peak. This air cooler has a high tank capacity for ensuring longer working. The air throw distance, air flow and cooling area of this cooler is high to ensure effective cooling of larger rooms as well.

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Product Details
Kenstar 40 Wondercool desert cooler lets you beat the heat of summer with its cool features. This Kenstar air cooler comes in a stylish design. It has a capacity of 40 litres. It has the air throw distance of 40 feet and cooling coverage area of 215 sq ft. The air flow of this indoor cooler is 1500 cfm and the motor speed is 1400 rpm. The body of this air cooler is made of high-quality ABS plastic for durability. It has a 3-way speed setting and power consumption of 190 W.
40 Litres
Cooling Area
20 square meter
Motor Speed
1400 rpm
Body Material
ABS Plastic
Additional Features
Air Throw Distance : 40 feet, Power Consumption : 190 W, 4 Way Deflection
Desert Cooler
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