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Kaff NE4B 60 GF 4 Burner Built in Hobs Gas Stove Black

NE 4B 60 GF
4 Burners with 1 Triple Flame
Burner Type:
Sabaf Burner
Body Type:
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Kaff NE4B 60 GF 4 Burner Built in Hobs Gas Stove Black
The Premium Gas Stove for your Kitchen


- The 4 burner gas stove looks excellent with the black tempered glass, and adds to the overall look of your kitchen. Besides looking good, the glass is durable and will last for a long time.

- Kaff has very carefully designed the burners for producing just the right amount of flame and heat for perfect cooking.

- The auto electric ignition makes it extra convenient to use the product. You won't need a separate lighter to ignite the gas stove, its in-built igniter does its job perfectly.

- Also comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.


- The glass tops get stained a bit too quickly, and it is quite hard to clean every little particle of dirt from the gas stove.


The Kaff NE4B 60 GF is engineered to provide you with just the best features that a premium gas stove should have. Its perfectly designed and arranged burners, a beautiful black glass top, and the auto ignition system make it a complete package. The Glass Top Gas Stove will add a layer of extra oomph to your modular kitchen with its modern and sophisticated design.


The Prestige PHT04 4 burner gas stove comes from a renowned brand in the kitchen appliance segment. The top of the stove is covered with sturdy glass with a dual-colour design which makes it look incredibly stunning. The auto ignition system compliments the amazing features and the appealing design of the Prestige 4 burner gas stove. 

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Product Details

The Kaff NE4B 60 GF is an elegantly designed 4 burner gas stove with auto electric ignition for extra convenience. The gas stove has a premium look and feel with its glass-top which is made out of black tempered glass. This makes it quite sturdy and durable. One of the four burners supports triple flame for a better cooking experience with all types of food. While the gas stove is of 60 cm in size, it sports a Sabaf burner for optimum flame for perfect cooking. The 1-year manufacturer warranty on this 4 burner gas stove is ideal as well.

Warranty Period
1 Year Warranty
NE 4B 60 GF
4 Burners with 1 Triple Flame
Burner Type
Sabaf Burner
Stove Type
Body Type
Ignition System
Auto Electric ignition
Enemelled Grills
Black tempered glass
In The Box
Box Contents
Minn Unit, User Manual, Warranty Card
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