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Jaipan Jumbo Roti Maker

Warranty Period:
1 Year Jaipan India Warranty and Free Transit Insurance
Voltage Required:
230 / 240 A C, 50 Hz
Body Material:
Stainless Steel
1000 Watts
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Jaipan Jumbo Roti Maker
Jaipan Jumbo Roti Maker- Cooking Made Easy!


- Owing to a stainless steel body, the Jaipan Roti Maker can be cleaned easily. This also makes the roti maker durable and corrosion resistant.

- The Cool-touch Handles make the roti making process much easier and safer.

- The Light Indicator reflects if the roti maker is working or not.

- The body of the Jaipan Roti Maker is made shock-proof so that if it falls from your kitchen slab, there is no damage.

- With non-stick coating on the hot plates, the dough will not stick to the roti maker.


- The Jaipan roti maker only makes Fluffy Roti with freshly kneaded dough. Refrigerated dough will not yield good results.

- The roti made from the roti maker is good to serve hot but becomes hard after some time.


The Jaipan Jumbo Roti Maker is packed with a lot of features but has some drawbacks as well. The non-stick coated hot plates, and shock-proof, stainless steel body make this roti maker durable. The roti can be made within 60 seconds by just pressing the dough between the hot plates. But at the same time, the time lost in kneading fresh dough every time makes it a painful task. Investing in this roti maker will be a wise decision for sure.

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Roti Making - fun job!!!
I am a college student and live in hostel. I need to cook food on my own and roti making is the most cumbersome task that i have ever faced in cooking. But ever since i have bought Jaipan Jumbo Roti Maker, roti making has become the easiest job and i have started enjoying it. It is very easy to use. I just keep the wet flour on it and then press it. It then automatically gets heated up and the roti is ready. It also has an indicator to show that the roti is ready. The power consumption is minimal and hence it is very cost effective. The roti maker is very compact, durable, and easy to clean. It comes with a warranty of 1 year.
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a bit costly
Jaipan Jumbo roti maker is a revolutionary one of its kind food maker in the market. So bid adieu to those days when you had to make rotis on tawa which is both safety and bulky to use. Jaipan roti maker is a compact device made from durable long lasting material. It has added on features such as indicators, thermo safety and thermos fuse safety feature along with non stick coating. The roti maker has also got knob to lift and handle to press for easy functioning. Though it is a little costly, Jaipan roti maker is will surely be a great help to you in the kitchen.
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Jaipan roti maker- User reviews
Jaipan roti maker is complete value for money. It is extremely user friendly, handy and easy to use. It is very easy to clean also as it has a non-stick coating on both sides. At a price of Rs. 1656 it is not the cheapest option but it is worth the price tag. It is very easy to use as it has a sturdy handle with a good grip. It's body is shockproof and the handle also does not heat up. Though it might take a few tries to get the hang of using it. Results in the beginning may not be very satisfactory as the dough keeps slipping off the plates.
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Product Details

Save time and effort by introducing Jaipan Jumbo Roti Maker to your kitchen. This Electric Roti Maker has a non-stick surface that is coated with Greblon Gamma. This ensures that the dough will not stick to the surface. This easy to use product can be cleaned by just wiping off the surface with a dry tissue or cloth. The stainless steel body ensure that the product will last longer. With a Power-on Indicator in place, you don’t need to worry about if the roti maker is no or not. Moreover, the Thermo Fuse ensures that you are safe all the time.

Warranty Period
1 Year Jaipan India Warranty and Free Transit Insurance
Non Stick
Yes, Both side Non-stick coated
Voltage Required
230 / 240 A C, 50 Hz
Body Material
Stainless Steel
1000 Watts
3.5 Kg
Add on Features
Yes, Mains on indicator Red Neon light
Thermostat Safety Feature
Other Features
Knob to lift top Plate
Thermo Fuse Safety Feature
Items in the box
1 Unit, Warranty Card
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