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Intex PB-P10 Polymer 10000mAh Power Bank Blue

LED Indicator:
10000 mAh
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Intex PB-P10 Polymer 10000mAh Power Bank Blue
Keep Yourself and Your Phones Charged with this Amazing Power Bank!


- The intex power back is equipped with a 10000 mah which enables it to charge your phone not just once but at least 3 times without charging the power bank. 

- This polymer power bank is quite strong. The polymer material makes it long lasting and the criss cross design makes it easy to hold without slipping from the hand.

- This 10000 mah power bank weights 225 grams only which makes it almost feather light. It is convenient to slip in the pocket and the light weight doesn't let you feel as if you are carrying one.

- It has an LED indicator which lets you know if the power bank is charging or not. Once you connect the with the help of your USB cable cord, the indicators tells you that the connection was successful.


- The power bank need to be charged for 5 hours once the battery energy has been consumed.

- The light colours in which it is available makes it prone to dirt. The dust and blackness is quite prominent.


This Intex power bank is the best and long lasting for a small budget pokect. It is reliable and user friendly. Once can always put it on charge and go to sleep and find it fully energised the next morning for use. The 10000 mah power back is ideal for those who travel a lot and don't get enough time to charge their smart phone. You can charge your phone on the move. It is easy to carry due to its small size and the strong build and material is not easily prone to damage. The design gives you a good strong grip.
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Product Details
Smartphones are the need of the hour but what if one goes out of battery when needed the most? This Intex power bank comes to the rescue! Yes, it is true that you do not have to be hassled about battery shortage because this 10000 mah power bank will help you recharge your mobile phone in a few minutes. The sleek design makes it very easy to carry and charge not only your phone but also your laptops with the help of a USB connector and comes with a 1 year manufacturing warranty.
Warranty Period
1 Year Intex Manufacturer Warranty
Additional Features
Other Feature Set
Micro, Mini Connectors
LED Indicator
10000 mAh
Model Number
Designed For
iPhone, iPod, Mobiles, Tablets
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