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Intex IT-PB602 6000 mAh Power Bank White, Blue

LED Indicator:
6000 mAh
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Intex IT-PB602 6000 mAh Power Bank White, Blue
A Utilitarian Power Bank


-Capable of retaining a full charge of 6000 mAh of power, the mobile power bank can give three full charges to most mobile devices. 

-The provision of two USB ports enables the charging of two gadgets at the same time.  Bringing forth a convenience that is no so common for power banks in this range.

-Light to carry around and conveniently packaged, this power bank in indispensable to any frequent traveler. 

-With a minimum of fade in storage capacity with use, the power bank gives off top performance for a full 500 cycles of charge/recharge.

-Protection is provided against short circuit and overload of the power bank.  This helps in keeping the unit from getting damaged during use.

-An LED indicator on the body of the unit displays the status of the power bank at all times.  This feature helps in keeping the users informed with regards to when to charge up next, and the extent of discharge of the portable power bank.

-The blue and white pastel external color of the gadget gives off a soothing and reassuring feel to all users.

-A standard 12 months limited manufacturer warranty applies to the unit and the accessories that accompany the product, right from the date of its purchase. 


-Does heat up abnormally during charging of the mobile bank. Sometimes, it becomes essential to pause charging to avoid any damage to the unit. 


With user friendly features like the LED strip, and a carrying capacity of 6000 mAh, this Intex power bank is any frequent traveller's companion. Needing fewer recharges between uses, the product comes handy in places that are without any consistent power supply.  Quick to charge and convenient to stowaway, the unit is versatile in its use.  

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Product Details

The Intex IT-PB602 6000 mAh Power Bank White, Blue has the capacity to store up to 6000 mAh of power. Intended to provide power to mobile devices when users are not in a position to recharge them, this Intex Power Bank can easily recharge three devices on a full charge of the battery.  Made of a Lithium-ion substrate, there is very little fade in carrying capacity with use; overall, this smartphone is capable of doing a full 500 charge/recharge cycles.  On this phone, charging is done using the USB cord that’s provided with the power bank; with the same being true for the recharging of other external devices.  Built in a toughened plastic outer sheath, the bank is very enduring and can take most rough physical handling with ease.  

White, Blue
Model Number
LED Indicator
Additional Features
Designed For -Mobile, Sony Cyber-shot Cameras
6000 mAh
Warranty Period
1 Year Intex Manufacturer Warranty
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