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Intex IT-PB11 10000 mAh Power Bank Blue, White

LED Indicator:
10000 mAh
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Intex IT-PB11 10000 mAh Power Bank Blue, White
A Power Bank that keeps YOU Connected 24/7, the Intex Power Bank


-Having a capacity to store up to 10000 mAh, the portable power bank can give a full charge to up to five devices on a single charge of the unit.

-With two USB ports on the body of the mobile bank, two portable devices can be recharged at the same time.  This enables greater convenience and flexibility for all users.

-It is possible to charge a device while the power bank is under a recharge; a feature so rarely seen on portable battery banks.

-An LED indicator on the body of the mobile bank indicates the extent of charge of the battery as well as gives an indication on the time left before a recharge is due.

-Multiple protection is accorded against overload, short circuit, rapid discharge and low charge situations of the power bank.  This ensures that the bank is used in safe conditions whenever it does so. 

-A life cycle of 500 recharges/charges is assured by the manufacturer, thus allowing the 10000 mAh power bank to be utilized for a period of two years at the least on standard operating conditions.

-Laid out in a pastel white and blue makes sure that the bank blends in with most external appearances of gadgets for ensuring a neutral presentation.


-It is important to allow the power bank  to rest between charge/recharge.  Else this could lead to overheating and subsequent burn of the medium, therefore decreasing the storage capacity of the bank with regular use.


Devoid of any flashy features, this Intex power bank does best what it is meant to do - that is recharge mobile devices, without much fuss.  Capable of compatibility with most portable gadgets like the smartphone, tablet or MP3 player, the bank is a handy piece of equipment for frequent travelers.  

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Product Details

The Intex IT-PB11 10000mAh Power Bank Blue, White has the capacity to store up to 10000 mAh of electricity.  This high-performing device is capable of giving five full charges to any average-sized portable gadget.  With a Lithium-ion substrate that undergoes minimal fade with use, the Intex power bank is enabled to retain its charging capacity for extended periods of time.  Usually the power bank should be able to provide with 500 charge/recharge cycles, providing for at  least two years of trouble free operations.  The presence of two USB ports allows the charging of two separate devices at the same time. Standard six month manufacturer warranty applies to the product and its accompanying accessories.  

Blue, White
Model Number
LED Indicator
Additional Features
Designed For -Mobile, Sony Cyber-Shot Cameras
10000 mAh
Warranty Period
1 Year Intex Manufacturer Warranty
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