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Intex IT-2525 SUF Glo Wired Laptop Speaker

Warranty Period:
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Satellite Speakers:
Power Output (RMS):
Frequency response:
40Hz ~ 200Hz, Satellite : 200Hz ~ 20
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Intex IT-2525 SUF Glo Wired Laptop Speaker
Intex Speakers, for Enhanced Audio Quality


- The Intex speaker set delivers rich and clear sound via its 2.1 channel multimedia speakers that are compatible with AUX audio inputs.

- With a sensitivity scale of 500mV rms @ 1KHz, this Intex device from GLO series offers impeccable audio quality.

- Its stylish and compact design adds to the aesthetics of any user's room.

- Weighing 3.5 kgs, these portable speakers have a frequency response of 40Hz - 200Hz in the main unit ,and 200Hz - 20 Hz frequency response in the satellite speakers. All units produce crystal-clear clarity and superior quality sound for enhanced listening experiences.

- A convenient plug-n-play feature makes the laptop speaker easy to install, and connect with the user's PC or laptop.

- These 2.1 speakers have 55dB S/N ratio which suppresses all ambient noise and delivers pin-drop clarity sound.

- Energy efficient and cost-effective to the core, this set consumes AC 220V- 240V/50Hz of power to operate.

- The Intex laptop speaker features a smart LED display in a combination of 6 colors.

- For precise highs and lows of the music, it features 6 equalizer options including normal, Pop, classic, jazz, rock and country.

- Its in-built digital FM playability, with an 88MHz to 108MHz frequency receiver, allows users to tune into their favorite radio jockey tracks easily.

- This audio output set is available with a credit card sized TV volume learning remote control that has contemporary sound features for doling out optimum sound effects.


- Minimal surround effect.

- Short length of the optical cable.


The Intex IT-2525 SUF Glo is an elegant, compact and easy-to-install speaker set with industrial design and an in built digital FM playability. With good sound quality and robust design, it makes for a good buy for enhanced music listening experiences.

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Product Details

The Intex IT-2525 SUF Glo offers additional enhanced sound reproduction. Weighing all of 3.5 kgs, this 39 x 32 x 21.2 cm device is a popular 2.1 channel multimedia speaker set that is compatible with AUX audio inputs. Featuring easy installation, digital FM playability,  3.5mm connector, easy plug-n-play capability, fully-functional remote control, and power LED display, it offers exceptional bass boost with a frequency response of 40Hz ~ 200Hz. These speakers require AC 220V- 240V/50Hz to operate and are available with 1 year manufacture warranty. 

Warranty Period
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Additional Features
Other Feature Set
Impedance : 4 Ohms , Display , Configuration : 2.1 Channel
Satellite Speakers
Power Output (RMS)
Frequency response
40Hz ~ 200Hz, Satellite : 200Hz ~ 20
Speaker Type
Laptop/Desktop Speakers
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