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Intex IT 2000 SB 2.1 Multimedia Speaker

Warranty Period:
1 Year Warranty
Satellite Speakers:
200 Hz-20 KHz Frequency Response of Satellite Speaker
Power Output (RMS):
20W + 6W x 2
Frequency response:
40Hz to 170 Hz Frequency Response of Main Speaker
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Intex IT 2000 SB 2.1 Multimedia Speaker
Ideal Speakers for Music Lovers


-The user-friendly 2.1 speaker system is a low noise device that connects to a personal computer, DVD player, or LCD television with ease.

- The multimedia speaker comprises of a RCA jack that allows secure connectivity of the system to all compatible audio-video devices.

-The easy-to-operate rotary type treble, volume and bass controls make it easy for users to get the right sound quality, without trying too hard.

-The front controls of the speaker set are placed in prominent areas to allow easy accessibility to their features and functions.

-With an impedance measure of 4ohms, the Intex IT-2000 SB 2.1 Channel speaker set weighs all of 3.6 kgs, making it easy to carry outdoors, or to other party venues, with ease.

-The compact unit product dimensions of the audio system (34 x 33.5 x 20.1 cm) make it easy to place in corners, on tabletops, or at any other place

 -The 55 dB Signal-to-Noise ratio and 2.1 Channel configuration of the two satellites and one subwoofer yields a maximum output RMS of 6 W per satellite, and 20 W for the subwoofer.

-The product is available with a 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty. 


-The front controls may crackle or go mute if not adjusted properly.

-The set may offer over-heating issues after long term usage.


The Intex IT 2000 SB 2.1 is recommended for homes and party venues that need medium range power outputs with enhanced sound quality. With two magnetically shielded satellites, a main unit, and a sub woofer in place, this set is ideal for audiophiles. Offering a total power output of 20W + 10W x 2, and a Frequency Response of 40 to 200 Hz of the main unit, this speaker set will truly add a layer of sound to your living space.

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Product Details

The Intex IT 2000 SB 2.1 multimedia speaker system offers an industry design that supports superior sound quality and a high-performance output. This range of speakers includes two 3-inch satellites, a subwoofer, and a 4-inch main unit that are magnetically shielded. Compact and stylish, these speakers come with intuitive and easy to use controls. The Intex 2.1 speaker set allows for convenient adjustments of different kinds of sound settings to cater to the diverse entertainment needs of all users. With easy portability and connectivity options in place, the The Intex IT 2000 SB 2.1 multimedia speaker uses AUX audio input for better sound emission. 

Warranty Period
1 Year Warranty
Additional Features
Other Feature Set
2.1 Channel Configuration, 55 dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio, 2 Satellites, Magnetically Shielded, 1 Subwoofer
Satellite Speakers
200 Hz-20 KHz Frequency Response of Satellite Speaker
Power Output (RMS)
20W + 6W x 2
Audio Input Output
20W + 6W X 2 Output Power
Frequency response
40Hz to 170 Hz Frequency Response of Main Speaker
Speaker Type
Satellite Speaker
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