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Intex IT-2000 FMU 2.1 Multimedia Speaker

Warranty Period:
1 Year
Satellite Speakers:
2 Satellite Speakers
Power Output (RMS):
20W + 10W x 2
Frequency response:
Main Unit : 40Hz - 200Hz, Satellite : 200Hz - 20KHz
1 Subwoofer
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Intex IT-2000 FMU 2.1 Multimedia Speaker
Intex IT-2000 FMU 2.1 - Never Compromise on Good Quality Music


- Pretty loud for a 2.1 speaker: All thanks to the impedance output clocked at 8 ohms that deliver terrific sound quality without any distortions at the highest of treble.

- FM radio enabled: If you cannot find any interesting song on the internet, the FM will always be there to cheer you up. All you have to do is hit the FM button on the remote, and the display will start running the channels available in your city.

- Plug and play USB port: Bring the party to your place and forget to turn up the computer to find that song you love and keep a pen drive loaded with songs instead. The Intex Speaker comes equipped with a port that is directly connected to the screen and will display the songs alphabetically for you to shuffle.

- Lightweight: Weighing only 3.5 kilograms, the Intex Multimedia Speaker can be easily moved around.


- Connectivity options like Bluetooth and SD card slot are not there in the Audio Speaker. Intex should focus on providing all possible connectivity options even in their budget home audio systems so that the customers can be fully satisfied with what they get.

- No protective shield on the satellite speakers. Speaker cushions are quite delicate and can be easily damaged if not handled with care.


Strong build quality paired with unparalleled sound clarity, the Intext 2.1 Speaker is beyond perfect in the budget segment. It is, however, essential that you clean the satellite speakers on a regular basis. Otherwise the dust can harm the sound magnet and get in the way of cushions lowering the quality. Moreover, the FM connectivity in the audio speaker has given it an edge over others.

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Product Details
The Intex IT-2000 FMU 2.1 is a powerful home audio system that is best suited for desktop computers and laptops. The 2.1 speaker offers a lot for its price and has also managed to be the first preference of avid music listeners. At 3.5 kilos, the entire speaker unit is comparatively lighter and can be transported without any inconvenience. It requires at least 220V of power and delivers a maximum sound output of up to 40W with up to 8 ohms that produce crystal clear audio with good treble. The woofer is constructed from high-quality wood and rocks a vibrant LED screen upfront that display the current music along with the sound configuration.
Warranty Period
1 Year
Satellite Speakers
2 Satellite Speakers
Power Output (RMS)
20W + 10W x 2
Frequency response
Main Unit : 40Hz - 200Hz, Satellite : 200Hz - 20KHz
1 Subwoofer
Speaker Type
Multimedia Speakers
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