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IFB 30SC3 30 L Convection Microwave Metallic Silver

30 L
Total Power Levels:
10 Levels
Power Consumption:
Grill 1250 Watts, Microwave 1400 Watts, Convection 2000 Watts
Warranty Period:
1 Year
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7 Reviews from Zopper Customers
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IFB 30SC3 30 L Convection Microwave Metallic Silver
IFB 30SC3 - Ideal for joint families and functions
IFB 30SC3 is a convection, microwave and grill oven which can cook, bake, roast, heat and defrost efficiently and is becoming a hot favorite of many households mainly due to its massive capacity of 30 Litres which is sufficient for a medium to large family and can bake cakes and breads for a small party without spending a fortune on purchasing items from the market. 36 Auto cook menus let’s you cook delicious food without worrying for perfect cooking temperatures. IFB30SC3 is a power efficient kitchen appliance as on microwave mode it consumes 1400 W, grill mode 1250W and on convection mode 2000 W with total output being 900 W. IFB 30SC3 has a stainless steel cavity which ensures that electronic waves are transferred and spread evenly and no wear and tear damages from turn-table hampers its uniform heating capacity, stainless steel body saves it from rusts and cracks making it very easy to clean and maintain. Key Features: Multi-Stage Cooking: This oven can store user instructions up to 3 times so it automatically switches to next stage of cooking without the user input thereby allowing you to multi task. Speed Defrost: Using the power of microwave, this oven defrosts food in a jiffy which not only saves time but also power while retaining the food’s texture and taste. Weight Defrost: IFB30SC3 is a smart oven and it automatically programs defrost time according to the weight of the food so you don’t commit mistakes while setting manual defrost time and end up with a soggy dish. Steam Clean: The biggest issue after cooking a delicious meal is the cleaning part and this oven takes care of it as well, after cooking it cleans itself with steam and removes all stains are odor of the cooked food saving it from harmful germs & bacteria. Quick Start: Microwave oven are meant to save time and this IFB model does it with the help of quick start feature with which all you have to do is enter the weight and push start without deciding on power and time, it selects them automatically and you get a delicious perfectly cook dish. Child Safety Lock: The biggest concern for any mother is the accidents caused by curious kids at home. To tackle this issue, this IFB oven does not allow any interruptions or door openings till the correct password is fed in the oven saving it from accidental opening and future accidents. Deodorise: The last thing no one wants in their oven cooked food is the small and flavour of previously cooked dish ruining its taste. So deodoriser basically destroys the food particles stuck on grill plate and inside of the oven and pushes them outside so you smell only what you have cooked. Priced between Rs.13,000 to Rs.14,000 this is a smart trendy microwave oven. Pros: • Quick start feature improves efficiency. • Power efficient operations. • Weight Defrost • Stainless steel cavity. • 30 Litres capacity is sufficient for all needs. Cons: • 36 Auto cook menus still less then competition. My Verdict: IFB 30SC3 is a good kitchen appliance to buy specially for a medium to large sized family who want to have all the cooking functions at an affordable price without much prior knowledge of operating an oven.
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A bad experience…!!
The oven stopped working in 4 months and the IFB service is very bad. I called the customer care, and they checked and said that the electronic board has to be replaced. Till date I am waiting for the replacement of the electronic board. Its been 2 months, and many many calls, yet all I get is that part is not available. I asked them for the replacement of the microwave, but they wont do that either. Coming to the product the microwave is a simple oven for reheating or cooking simple dishes, baking cake in this is not worthwhile.I myself have same model so I know problems one faces while baking cookies or cakes. otherwise its good if simple recipes of microwave cooking are to be followed.But the service have disappointed me even more and i would strongly recommed that the product is not worth the price paid as there are better options in the market.You can always get better microwave's for this price with a wide functionality.
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good model by IFB
IFB 30SC3 Convection 30 Litres Microwave is a good model by IFB. It is a 30L microwave which means it has huge size. It is a good product which cooks food easy and fast. It has convection feature which do not allow the nutrients of the food to get destroyed. It cooks healthy food. It has auto deforest and auto cook features. It has stainless steel cavity and feather touch controls. It has 10 power levels. It is also energy efficient. It is available in various models in the market. in overall say it is a good product by IFB.
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Easy to use!
All the settings are very easy with feather touch panel. cooking i fun with IFB.It beeps constantly until u takes out food after cooking,which is a good feature.i never find that my meal is smoking, under cooked or over cooks. vegetable and food are always moist and is very easy to clean because of its steal body without any paint.the glass door and smart griping rod adds beauty o my kitchen.the only con is it makes loud noise and quick timer button get damaged soon.
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Product Details
Items in the box
1 Unit, Warranty Card, User Manual , Neeta Mehta Cook Book & 3 Cookery Classes
30 L
Dimensions (W x H x D)
539 x 300 x 438 mm
Total Power Levels
10 Levels
Power Features
Power Requirement
230 V
Power Consumption
Grill 1250 Watts, Microwave 1400 Watts, Convection 2000 Watts
Body & Turntable Features
Stainless Steal
Feather Touch
Outer Body Material
Stainless Steal
Add on Features
Reheat Feature
Cooking Completion Indicator
Defrost Power Level
Child Lock
LED/Digital Timer
Rotisserie function
Additional Features
Express Cooking, Steam Clean
Warranty Period
1 Year
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