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IFB 23SC3 23 L Convection Microwave Oven Metallic Silver

23 L
Total Power Levels:
10 Levels
Power Consumption:
Microwave 1400 Watts, Grill 950 Watts, convection 1850 Watts
Warranty Period:
1 Year
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IFB 23SC3 23 L Convection Microwave Oven Metallic Silver
An Excellent Oven for Hassle free Cooking


The IFB microwave oven measures 39 cm x 48.3 cm x 28.1 cm, weighs 16.1 Kgs and boasts of a slim size exterior with a silver finish, stainless steel inner cavity with clean polish finish guaranteeing durability and reliability.

- Stylish and compact, it is perfect for any space and adds to the decor of the kitchen.

- This convection microwave oven has large turntable to cook huge qualities of food at one go.

- It supports multi-stage cooking with a combination of grill, convection, solo and combination mode.

- The Keep-Warm feature keeps the food warm and constant temperature while the Weight Defrost feature allows users to defrost the frozen food by simply entering the weight and the time.

- With 10 auto cook menus, users can explore new cuisines and make different dishes every day.

-The steam clean and deodorize feature removes the burnt residue easily, thereby allowing easy maintenance of this device.

- With a capacity of 23liters, this convection oven can easily cook food for small family gatherings.

-The feather touch panel allows user-friendly mechanism and makes the device easy to work with.

- The IFB oven requires low energy consumption, thereby minimizing the electricity bills. This IFB device requires 900 W of power out, along with 1850w convection output and 1400w microwave output.

- It is backed by a 1 year warranty on the machine and a 3 year  warranty on the cavity and magnetron.  


-It is not possible to make chapattis or fried food in it.


With a capacity of 23 liters, 10 auto cook menu options and feather touch panel, this IFB high-performing convection oven is loaded with numerous features. With these amazing features and durability, this oven is an excellent choice for small homes.
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Fun and Easy way to Cook!!!!
Nowadays microwave is not just a product to heat the dishes, it has become an easy way to cook tasty and healthy food. IFB provides best range of home appliances. IFB 23SC3 microwave oven is one of the best product from IFB which is a value for money product. IFB 23SC3 microwave oven provides good features which will tempt a user to buy this product and one will be fully satisfied by the quality of product. some of its features are: The style and design is great. It is made up of stainless steel cavity. the black mirror view make it more stylish. The capacity of microwave is good, it is suitable as per the needs of family.the 23lt capacity is sufficient for a family of 4. its easy to operate and clean. it provides 10 preset menus which options like defrost,auto reheat, preheat, provides options for cleaning like clean using steam which fully clean the products including every side of its internal area. its deodorize option deodorize it with a nice fragrance. many combinations(micro+grill, micro+ convection convection+grill)can be carried out by this microwave. the different combinations allow a customer to try different dishes and increase their experiences if cooking..:) the only disadvantage of this product is that it is somewhat heavy in weight. the product is durable, user friendly and attractive. its a complete value for money product which enhances the fun in cooking and will get u hear appreciation form your friends for your tasty and healthy food..:):P
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Product Details
Items in the box
1 Unit, Warranty Card, User Manual , Neeta Mehta Cook Book & 3 Cookery Classes
Microwave with convection
23 L
Dimensions (W x H x D)
483 x 390 x 281 mm
Total Power Levels
10 Levels
Power Features
Power Requirement
220-240 V
Power Consumption
Microwave 1400 Watts, Grill 950 Watts, convection 1850 Watts
Body & Turntable Features
Stainless Steal
Outer Body Material
Stainless Steal
Add on Features
Reheat Feature
Cooking Completion Indicator
Defrost Power Level
Child Lock
LED/Digital Timer
Rotisserie function
Additional Features
Multi Stage Cooking
Warranty Period
1 Year
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