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IFB 22DGSC1 22 L Grill Microwave Oven Silver And Black

22 L
Total Power Levels:
8 Levels
Power Consumption:
Microwave 1200 Watts, Grill 1350 Watts
Warranty Period:
1 Year
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IFB 22DGSC1 22 L Grill Microwave Oven Silver And Black
IFB 22DGSC1 - A good budget option
Today many companies have launched microwave ovens in India due to a single fact that now almost all modern households own a microwave or are planning to buy one because not only microwave oven saves time but also gives you a chance to enjoy delicious multi cuisines and IFB is one such company who has filled Indian market with quality and affordable microwave ovens. IFB 22DGSC1 is a 22 Liters microwave grill oven which is an ideal size for bachelors and newlyweds. It has a space saving classic design so you can put this oven anywhere in the kitchen or in the dining room without any issues. This oven not only looks good but also saves on electricity as its power consumption is mere 1200 W for grill and 1200 W for microwave so it cooks food not only smartly but also efficiently without putting load on your electricity bill. IFB 22DGSC1 comes with preinstalled 11 auto cook menus which I find very less in comparison with Samsung which has at least 65 and LG with 40 minimum but then still those 11 are very useful auto cook menus as they comprise of few vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes and thus helps you try international cuisines without worrying about being under or over cooked. Every dish requires a different set of power level and IFB 22DGSC1 comprises of 8 power levels so you can select the optimum power level for your dish thereby saving energy and will also result in properly cooked food. Due to modern day lifestyle, most of bachelors and newlyweds fill their refrigerator with frozen food and then the biggest problem is to heat them while retaining their taste and texture and this IFB oven does this task perfectly with the help of Speed defrost function. Smart Rotisserie feature of its grill ensures that the food is not just cooked but cooked to perfection leaving no part over or under cooked. Multi Stage cooking function of this IFB oven gives you peace of mind and allows you to multi task as the moment one stage of cooking gets completed it automatically moves it to next stage without sounding alarm every time for user input. This feature also cooks the food to the perfect texture as multi level cooking is designed in a smart way. Its controls are feather touch so there are no chances of error in user inputs. Auto reheat is a boon for many people because IFB 22DGSC1 reheats the food the moment it feels has gotten cold so that you always get to eat the food at an optimum temperature. Child safety lock helps you save on any accidents with children as when this feature is activated, the oven comes to a still and cannot work or heat till this password protected feature is activated giving you a peace of mind and security. Stainless steel cavity protects the inside and outside of the oven from rust, cracks and wear and tear and helps in easy cleaning with just a wet cloth. Pros: • 8 power level • Energy saves • Auto reheat • Child lock safety Cons: • Just 11 auto cook menus • No support for convection My verdict: IFB 22DGSC1 is a good buy for bachelors and newlyweds seeking a budget microwave grill oven. Its energy efficient and does smart cooking but lacks a few features like convection cooking and range of auto cook menus.
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Product Details
Items in the box
1 Unit, Warranty Card, User Manual , Neeta Mehta Cook Book & 3 Cookery Classes
Microwave with Grill
22 L
Dimensions (W x H x D)
458 x 403 x 295 mm
Total Power Levels
8 Levels
Power Features
Power Requirement
230 V
Power Consumption
Microwave 1200 Watts, Grill 1350 Watts
Body & Turntable Features
Stainless Steal
Feather Touch
Outer Body Material
Stainless Steal
Add on Features
Reheat Feature
Cooking Completion Indicator
Defrost Power Level
Child Lock
LED/Digital Timer
Rotisserie function
Additional Features
Delay Start
Warranty Period
1 Year
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