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IFB 20SC2 Convection 20 L Microwave Oven Silver

20 L
Total Power Levels:
10 Levels
Power Consumption:
Convection 2000 Watts, Microwave 1200 Watts, Grill 1250 Watts, Power Output 800 Watts
Warranty Period:
3 Years IFB India Warranty and Free Transit Insurance
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4 Reviews from Zopper Customers
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IFB 20SC2 Convection 20 L Microwave Oven Silver
IFB 20SC2- Great budget oven but lacks auto cook options
Microwave ovens have now become a very common kitchen appliance of the modern household mainly due to the fact that microwaving does not lead to nutrition loss and food is cooked in least possible amount of oil. IFB20SC2 is a microwave, grill & convection oven priced at Rs.7800 which can cook and bake a wide variety of dishes to perfection. This IFB oven comes with a convenient capacity of 20 Litres which is ideal for bachelors and family of 2. It’s a small oven but still consumes large amount of power and cannot be called as a power efficient oven because power consumption for microwave mode is 2000 W, for grill mode 1250 W and for convection mode 2000 W. The LED display makes it easy for user to program the oven reducing the chances of human error. It’s very easy to clean IFB20SC2 as its internal body is made of stainless steel cavity which makes it very easy to clean by simply wiping with a damp cloth because nothing sticks to the stainless steel surface and it does not crack or rust and does not suffer from wear and tear damage. Key Features: Multi Stage Cooking: Its built in memory can store instructions up to 3 levels so you can easily multi task while your oven is busy cooking delicious food for you. Speed Defrost: Modern day lifestyle has resulted in freezer filled with frozen food and this feature defrosts the food in a jiffy to the perfect edible texture. Weight Defrost: With this feature all you have to do is put the food on the turntable and press start this smart oven will decide amount of power and time needed to bring to a stage at which it was meant to be consumed. Auto Cook Menus: 9 menus will ensure your food is cooked perfectly from corner to the centre of the food item, though I find 9 menus way too less. Quick Start: All you have to do is feed the weight of the food item and it will decide the time and power settings for cooking saving your time and preventing any under or over cooking. Child Safety Lock: A child’s curiosity is a thing of learning but for your microwave this curiosity could lead to accidents and to prevent that this feature is imbibed which when activated won’t allow any alteration to cooking pre-sets and will not the door to be open till correct password is fed preventing any accidents. The button form of control prevents any accidental input and there is enough space between the keys of then oven. This is a budget oven and does not need much space due to its compact design so it can be installed anywhere in the kitchen and its beautiful design allows it be operated even in the dining room. Pros: • Weight defrosting. • Child safety lock. • Budget pricing. Cons: • Just 9 auto cook menus. • Does not allow combination cooking. My Verdict: IFB20SC2 is a good budget oven which has all the features of microwave, grill & convection and its capacity makes it an ideal choice for a small family but 9 auto cook menus are a huge disappointment.
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Convection Oven for Easy Cooking


- The IFB convection microwave oven measures 45.2 x 26.2 x 39 cm, weighs 14.3 kgs, and boasts of a stainless steel inner cavity that has a clean polished finish. It guarantees durability, a touch keypad membrane, and a usage capacity of 20 liters.

- Incorporating 24 auto cook menus, it helps users explore new cuisines and enjoy different dishes every day.

- This IFB oven supports multistage cooking with a combination of grill, convection, solo, and combination modes.

- Its weight defrost feature allows for quick and precise heating of food by simply entering the weight of the frozen items.

- Its keep warm feature maintains a constant temperature in the oven, thereby keeping the food warm, without burning the same.

- Multifunctional and feature packed, this IFB microwave oven is equipped with many other features like LED display, express cooking, 10 power levels, 10 temperature levels, speed defrost, and an easy-to-use control panel.

- The convection oven consumes 1200 watts of power for grilling purposes, and 2200 watts of power for convection functions; and has a total power output of 800 watts.

- Along with the main unit, the package contains other accessories that include low and high racks, 1 glass turntable, set of 6 starter kit, and a recipe book.

- The convection microwave oven is available with a 1 year warranty on machine and 3 years warranty on Magnetron and Cavity.


- Because of short cooking period settings, it might be time consuming to cook some food items.


With a capacity of 20 litres, 24 auto cook menu options, and touch key pad membrane to boast of, this IFB high-performing convection oven is loaded with numerous features and supports multistage cooking. Energy-efficient and cost-effective, it is a good buy for convenient cooking purposes. 

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A average microwave ….
I have been using this microwave for past 4 months.The functionality of the oven is average. It take some time to start up after you switch on. Once you set the timer and press start, it will not allow you to change the time. Microwave has very good feature which is "auto cook menus" in which different recipes time and temp sets automatically, you just have to press a key. Specially happy with the freebies received with the microwave. The glass baking dish is a very good quality utensil to bake cakes etc.A very good product for the one who have never had a microwave but for some one like me who have used microwave before this one is just a average microwave with a set of basic features.The oven is not so special as i thought i would be which disapooints me even more.So the end conclusion would be buy it only if you are not used to microwaves before else you can consider LG or Samsung they have some pretty decent microwaves in this price range.
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worth buy
IFB 20SC2 is a combo of microwave and convection , reduces preparation time about five times . It becomes one of the basic needs of our daily life . Its looks are fabulous and give modern look to any kitchen . It is very useful to bachelors or to those who have less time for cooking . It has an automatic timer which prevents food from overcooking .
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Product Details

The IFB 20SC2 Convection 20 L Microwave Oven (Silver) is a high-performance kitchen appliance that helps homemakers bake and cook dishes easily. Stylish in looks and user-friendly in functionality, it has a host of features including multi-stage cooking, 24 auto cook menus, and 10 power levels. It also offers keep warm, weight defrost and express cooking features for perfecting one’s culinary skills. Complete with a stainless steel inner cavity and a clean polished finish, the appliance requires 800w of power to operate. With 20 liter capacity, child-safety features, and easy maintenance benefits in place, it is backed by a 1 year manufacture guarantee. 

Items in the box
1 Unit, Warranty Card, User Manual , Neeta Mehta Cook Book & 3 Cookery Classes
20 L
Dimensions (W x H x D)
452 x 262 x 390 mm
Total Power Levels
10 Levels
Power Features
Power Requirement
230 V
Power Consumption
Convection 2000 Watts, Microwave 1200 Watts, Grill 1250 Watts, Power Output 800 Watts
Body & Turntable Features
Stainless Steal
Add on Features
Reheat Feature
Cooking Completion Indicator
Defrost Power Level
By Speed
Child Lock
LED/Digital Timer
Rotisserie function
Warranty Period
3 Years IFB India Warranty and Free Transit Insurance
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