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HP V-250W 16 GB Utility Pendrive

Utility Pendrive
16 GB
USB 2.0
Form Factor:
Standard Flash Drive
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HP V-250W 16 GB Utility Pendrive
Universal Storage Device for Large Digital Files


- This HP utility pendrive is equipped with a 2.0 USB interface that can be connected to most compatible laptops, computers and tablets.

- Incorporating a slim and sleek design, the high-performance HP pendrive has a shiny metal finishing with a clip on top. This clip attaches to the user's pocket or wallet, and ensures that it is not lost or misplaced. 

- With a storage capacity of 16 GB, the pendrive has 24 mbps of read speed and 8 mbps of write speed, thereby making all data transfer tasks easy and hassle free.

- With its help, users can access important data on any laptop or tablet as this USB pendrive is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux and MAC operating systems.

- The robust design of this device withstands the toughest of conditions, thereby making all stored data impervious to mechanical shocks, magnetic fields, scratches and dust.

- With a high durability quotient coupled with a compact design, this 16GB pendrive is available with a 2 years replacement warranty.

- Its easy plug and play installation features, allows users to drag and drop files from and to this 16GB pen drive effortlessly, and without the need of installing any other software. 


- Lack of write-protect mechanism can lead to loss of important data, if attacked by virus. 


The HP V-250W 16 GB Utility Pendrive has a metal casing design that makes it waterproof, dust-resistant and shockproof. With a storage capacity of 16 GB and easy plug and play installation features in place, this pen drive is useful for storing presentations, songs, videos, movies, etc.

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Product Details

The HP V-250W 16 GB pendrive is a universal data storage device that is small and compact in design. With an interface of 2.0 USB, it can be connected to laptops, tablets and computers alike. This pen drive boasts of a robust design, and is waterproof, shockproof and dust proof too. With a metal case, and shiny metal finish, it can store up to 16 GB of data in a reliable and secure way. Compatible with most of operating systems, it can be installed without any driver unit. With high write and read speed, all tasks of copy-pasting data, from and to this pen drive, is a simple and convenient affair.

In The Box
Sales Package
1 Pen Drive
Model ID
Utility Pendrive
16 GB
USB 2.0
Form Factor
Standard Flash Drive
Transfer Speed
4 MB/s
Warranty Period
2 Years Replacement Warranty
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