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Hitachi Summer QC 1.5 Tons - RAV518ESD Window AC White

Warranty Period:
1 Year Warranty
Star Rating:
5 Star
1.5 Ton
AC Type:
Window AC
Price Conditions:
Price quoted does not include Stabilizer, Installation, Wall Mounts, etc.
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4 Reviews from Zopper Customers
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Hitachi Summer QC 1.5 Tons - RAV518ESD Window AC White
Hitachi AC is 1.5 tonnage capacity air conditioner with some good features and some not so good features. It has got a 1 year warranty on the machine and 5 year warranty on the compressor. its compressor is rotary type.It has got an advansed start up. One can set the AC to advansed auto timer mode and auto fan speed.The temperature control buttons are quite accurate.Though the air distribution is not so uniform but if considerable time is given and the room is not opened again and again, it will make the room chilled eventually.It has got some good features like anti bacteria filter which is good keeping in view the amount of pollutants present in the air. It is energy efficient with a 5 star rating and considerable noise reduction.The ac has got the looks and design of the air conditioners of old times whereas some of the ac s of today are real trendy. overall ok.
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high price but recoverable
most of the window air conditioner have only maximum 3 star rating but this air conditioner which is window ac has a superb and amazing 5 star rating which is the best. the product has a very powerful cooling with one of the best compressor in the industry and which is very low in energy consumption too. the ac produces less sound then the other ac. the price of the ac is quite high but will cover its cost within a year with the very low energy consumption of the ac. at this price you can also go for a split
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extremely low energy consumption
this is the best star rated window air conditioner. this ac has 5 star rating. the best and quite amazing for the window air condtioner. the power cooling of the product allows user to feel amazing while the ac is running. with the elegant and superb design makes it the best air conditioner. the two side vents of this air conditioner is made for the superior cooling and gives a comfortable environment. it is made for very low energy consumption and yes it is proved. the price of the ac is very high.
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two air vents
this air conditioner from hitachi do provides uniform air distribution all over the room and with this air conditioner cooling in every part of room, not only in front of the air conditioner only which do most of the air conditioners do. this also has very nice warranty on product of one year and a five year warranty on compressor of product which is the most crucial part of any cooling product. it is heart of the air conditioner. it has two outlet vents of air which throws air in good speed too.
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Product Details
Warranty Period
1 Year Warranty
Operation & Performance
Temp. Control
Noise Level
Power Supply
230 V, 50 Hz, 1 Phase
Power Input (Watts)
1550 W
Anti-Bacteria Filter
Remote Control
Speed Setting
Cooling (watt)
3.3 w/w (Cooling)
Panel Display (Type)
Additional Features
Other Feature Set
Low Derating, Twin Turbo Technology, Auto Climate Technology, Uniform Air Distribution, Auto Fan Speed, Auto Power Save Mode, Lower Pull Down Time, Kaimin, 5 Step Fan Speed, 17470 BTU/hr Cooling Capacity, 11.27 BTU/hr EER Cooling Capacity, 45 dB Sound Level, Twin Motor Technology, DC Fan Motor
On/Off Timer
61 kg
Dimension ( Width X Thickness X Height)
660 x 805 x 430
Star Rating
5 Star
1.5 Ton
AC Type
Window AC
1.5 Ton
Items in the box
Remote Control, Unit, User Manual,Warranty card
Price Conditions
Price quoted does not include Stabilizer, Installation, Wall Mounts, etc.
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