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Graviti PP2101 Dual USB Ports 10000mAh Portable Power Bank

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Graviti PP2101 Dual USB Ports 10000mAh Portable Power Bank
A Recharge is There, Wherever You Go


-With a total capacity to store up to 10000 mAh of power, the portable power bank  can give a full charge to five portable devices on the average.

-Having two USB connection ports, it is possible to connect two devices simultaneously for recharging.  There is sufficient storage capacity to take care of the charging needs of compatible devices.

-Simultaneous recharge of the power bank and the device being recharged can also be done, thereby ensuring a quick turnaround of gadgets. 

-An indication panel with 4 LED indicators facilitates easy monitoring of the bank to know the status of recharge and charge of the device.  It indicates the time to complete recharge, as well as lets out the amount of stored charge left in the bank. 

-Minimal fade of the storage substrate ensures full performance for years to come, making the 10000 mAh power bank truly enduring. 

-Laid out in an all neutral silver covering, the bank matches well with most devices and gadgets.

-The plug and play feature that is so characteristic of contemporary devices, ensures quick and easy compatibility. Here, time consuming driver installations are avoided totally.

-Short circuit and overload protection is provided that helps keep the memory bank from getting damaged during operations. 

-A rapid charge feature that pumps in a steady 2 Ampere powers, helps in speeding up the charging process, thus cutting  out on charge time.


-The entire unit comes fully locked in.  This might help prevent unauthorized access to the innards, but also prevents routine maintenance from being performed, and requires transport to the service centers.


A power bank with minimum fuss - that is how this mobile power bank can be described.  Its massive storage capacity ensures a quick recharges whenever the occasion so requires. A must have for those long distance travellers and also for places with erratic power supply. 

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Product Details

The Graviti PP2101 Dual USB Ports 10000mAh Portable Power Bank has the capacity to hold up to 10000 mAh of electrical charge.  There is sufficient power on hand with a full charge to fill up five portable devices.  With the provision to charge two devices simultaneously, the mobile power bank takes convenience to new levels.  An easy to clean, glossy silver exterior allows for an unsoiled appearance at all times.  Its Lithium-ion polymer has minimum fade with use, thus ensuring a full 10000 mAh charge for years to come.  An LED panel indicates the status of the power bank. 

LED Indicator
Yes, 4 LED Indicator
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