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Graviti PP121 Single USB Port 2000mAh Portable Power Bank Silver

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Graviti PP121 Single USB Port 2000mAh Portable Power Bank Silver
Keep Electric Appliances Charged with Graviti P121 Portable Power Bank!


-This power bank charger comes with a powerful 2000 mAh secondary battery that can be charged for unlimited times. Thus you can meet your external power charging needs during travel for as many years.

-This is a portable power bank with a compact design. You can easily store it in your wallet or pocket. You can easily carry it to outdoor locations.

-This mobile power charger is fully safe from short circuits. You can charge it even at those places that are without earthing wires.

-This power bank from Graviti brand has 4 LED indicators that indicate how much extend is remaining to make it fully charged.

-You can easily charge your smart phone, laptop or iPod with this power bank.


-Though this power bank charger has a powerful chargeable battery but this battery is vulnerable to damage due to being manufactured from polymer material.

-This power bank has a fibre body that can also be treated as secondary plastic. Thus it is highly vulnerable to cracks.


The all new portable power bank from Graviti brand will efficiently meet your power needs in outdoor locations. Even if you are on the go then you can charge your smart phone, laptop or iPod easily with this mobile power charger. This power charging device is of bright silver color that makes it appear splendid. This portable device is having a negligible body weight of 5 grams to make you handle it easily. It is portable and can be carried anywhere. It has a compact design so it will occupy the least space in your bag or pocket.

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Amazing powerbank
Great power bank with 4 LED indicators which indicates battery level. Powerful battery of 2000 mAh. Simultaneous charging is also there you can charge your device & power bank together. Unique design as compared to others and silver color adds classy look to it. It charges your mobile rapidly. Amazing feature of protection against Short Circuit / Overheating. Quite stylish...
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Product Details
Graviti PP121 Portable Power Bank is a mini charging device that can meet your power needs even when you are out of home for a couple of days. It is a mobile power bank that will keep your laptop or smart phone charged even when you are on travel. Its silver colored external body will simply enchant your wits. It is a rapid charger that can meet the power charging needs of your computing and mobile devices. This portable power bank is fool proof from dangerous situations like short circuits.
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