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Graviti CP251 5200mAh Dual USB Ports Power Bank Charcoal Grey

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Graviti CP251 5200mAh Dual USB Ports Power Bank Charcoal Grey
Power Your Items With the Graviti CP251 Power Bank


- The power button on the side of the power bank charger allows this to start working only when the user has a need to get it running as soon as possible.

- The lights on the top of the charger help with showing when the portable power bank is on and when it is charging items. The lights can also go on and off in order to show how much power is left in the charger.

- This works with most portable items.

- A device and the power bank can both be charged at the same time.

- The 5200 mAh power bank weighs just 120 g and is 95 mm at its longest surface.

- The assorted connectors that are supported will help ensure that the charger will work quickly.


- The power bank charger can only handle two items at a given time.

- It will also clearly use up more battery power when trying to get more items powered up as needed.

- It can take a good bit for the battery to actually charge up, what with the power bank using such a high capacity.


The need for you to keep your items powered up as well as possible is important. You can use the helpful Graviti CP251 power bank to help with getting different items powered up so you can keep whatever you have to work with active and fully functional. The easy to read light display and the assorted variety of ports on the charger will help you to get power as you see fit.

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Product Details

The Graviti CP251 is a portable power bank designed to help people with powering up a variety of devices. This 5200mAh power bank uses a lithium-ion battery to supply power to all kinds of items including tablets and phones. The power bank charger uses two USB ports to link it up to different items. It can also use these ports to link up to a power source like a computer for when the power bank itself has to be recharged. It uses Micro, Mini and Lightning connectors to make it functional for more uses.

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