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Graviti CP2101 Dual USB Ports 10400mAh Power Bank Black

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Graviti CP2101 Dual USB Ports 10400mAh Power Bank Black
The Cool Power Bank, the Graviti CP2101


-Featuring the plug and play format, the 10400 mAh power bank does not require the cumbersome installation of driver software before its use.  This is particularly a welcome feature as it does away with the need for specialized technical help in installing the power bank. 

-An LED panel located at the very front of the gadget indicates the current status of the device, thus letting its users know more about the operational readiness of the gadget.

-With a compact design that lets out a very low physical profile, this power bank does reveal the enormous capacity that lies beneath. 

-It allows for simultaneous use while still in charge, thus bringing forth an operational feature that is convenient for its users.

-Here, the Li-Ion substrate that is used for the making of the unit takes a minimal amount of fade with use, thus ensuring that the full capacity is maintained right through the life of the battery.

-Weighing in at 230 gms, and flaunting physical dimensions of (lxbxh) 95.07x83.36x24.5 mm, this portable power bank can be stored in the least available space. 

-The unit is protected against short circuit and overheating, as these could seriously undermine the performance of the power bank. 

-With the use of the UniCurve design, the power bank certainly meets the high design requirements that are to be expected in top end models such as this one.


-The matte finish of the exterior paves the path for easy accumulation of dust, thus reducing the presentation of the power bank.


Certainly a must have for those who travel a lot, the mobile power bank opens out possibilities that never existed before. Compact and lightweight, it can be stowed away easily when its user is on the move. Fast charging times add to the functionality of this device.  

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Product Details

The Graviti CP2101 Dual USB Ports 10400mAh Power Bank Black has the capacity to store up to 10400 mAh of power.  Using the plug and play feature, this high-performance mobile power bank has done away with the need to install a driver software before use.  An LED panel in the front of the device indicates the current status of the power bank.  Available with the USB 3.0 port, it is backwardly compatible with USB 2.0 ports.  Here, a rapid charge feature ensures the least charge time between each charge. Standard six month manufacturer warranty applies to the unit from the date of purchase. An all black exterior gives the unit a neutral appearance at all times.

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6 Months
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