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Graviti CP121 Single USB Port 2600mAh Power Bank

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Graviti CP121 Single USB Port 2600mAh Power Bank
User Friendly Power Bank that Keeps the Juice Flowing


-A discharge voltage of 5 volts, with an added discharge capacity of 1 ampere, is maintained throughout its operation.

-This portable power bank is compatible with most common-used gadgets and allows them to function seamlessly without losing their juice.

-Here, a charge current of 1 Ampere means that the battery can be recharged with USB 2.0 version of drives as well.

-The LED indicators set on the side of the battery's body indicate the state of charge of the power bank, thereby making for convenient scheduling of its charging times.

-A long lasting integrated circuit in the Graviti power bank promises years of service to users.

-A smart uni-curve design feature of this battery adds to its aesthetics and makes it a suitable device for personal and work purposes alike.

-Its simultaneous Charge and Use feature allows users to charge the unit along with using the same; thereby saving upon user time and making the device all the more functional.

-Here, adequate protection is provided against overload and short circuits; these features take care of most eventualities when the device is in use.

-The power bank is available with a standard six months product warranty. 


-Tends to overheat after long and extended use.  


With a compact build that promises to gel with most commonly used devices, the 2600 mAh power bank is what all hardcore gamers desire. Its convenient indicator allows users to know when a recharge is due.  A very practically designed gadget with added functionality, it makes for long term usage.   

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Unique look
Great power bank with 4 LED indicators which indicates battery level. Powerful battery of 2600 mAh. In this Simultaneous charging is also there you can charge your device & power bank together. Unique design as compared to others. Quite stylish...
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High Endurance Integrated Circuit
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