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Godrej GSC 12 FG 7 BLG 1 Ton 5 Star Split AC White

Warranty Period:
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Star Rating:
5 Star
1 Ton
AC Type:
Split AC
Price Conditions:
Price quoted does not include Stabilizer, Installation, Wall Mounts, etc.
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Godrej GSC 12 FG 7 BLG 1 Ton 5 Star Split AC White
Godrej GSC 12 FG 7 BLG Split AC
Catechin Filter: A filter developed using catechin, a bioflavonoid in green tea with antiviral/antioxidant qualities, features deodorization and anti bacterial properties that last up to 10 years or more with proper maintenance. Silver Ion Filter: The silver ion kills bacteria in the air and controls the growth of microbes, such as bacteria, virus, fungi and spores, by destroying their inner configuration & absorbing the cells elements, thereby purifying the air in an eco-friendly way. Anti-Dust Filter: The air from the room contains dust. The AC sucks in the dust filled air & throws out the clean air back into the room. Auto Clean Function: On activation of this function, the indoor unit fan is on for a couple of minutes after the AC is switched off using a remote, so that all the residual water on the evaporator id blown away. This avoids fungi and mold formation on the evaporator. Stepped Louvers: Through this feature the opening angle of the louvers can be adjusted step by step, thus adjusting the direction of air flow as desired. Multi Temperature Display: The ambient temperature and the set temperature can be displayed alternately by the press of a button on the remote. Auto Mode: The AC automatically selects the mode in which it should run by judgung the difference in the ambient temperature and the set temperature. Thus, it saves on power as and when possible; an intelligent and green approach. Green Sleep: The set temperature automatically increases by 1ÂșC per hour for the first two hours of activating this mode. Thereafter the temperature remains constant, thus ensuring that you have a comfortable sleep throughout the night without risk of catching a cold. Moreover, being energy efficient, it saves your electricity bills too. 2 Way Water Outlet: Water from the indoor unit is continuously removed through a pipe that is connected to a water outlet in the indoor unit. Godrej split ACs (select ones) have one outlet on each side of the indoor unit and the pipe can be connected to any one of them.
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Product Details
Warranty Period
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Operation & Performance
Noise Level
(Indoor): 42 DB
Power Supply
230 V/50 Hz/1 Phase
Power Input (Watts)
912 Watts
Anti-Bacteria Filter
Remote Control
Cooling (watt)
3375 Watt
On/Off Timer
Weight (Indoor): 10 Kg
Auto Restart
Dimension ( Width X Thickness X Height)
Dimensions: 845 X 275 X 180 mm
Star Rating
5 Star
1 Ton
Sleep Mode
AC Type
Split AC
1 Ton
Items in the box
Main Unit, User Manual, Remote, warranty Card
Price Conditions
Price quoted does not include Stabilizer, Installation, Wall Mounts, etc.
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